as you’ve come to this page – I can only assume you are curious about me? I am not much of a writer but here it goes…

coming from a background of hand-drawn advertising (flyers, posters, pub blackboards) – I ventured into the digital arena by doing a graphic design course. Working for a while as freelance graphic designer – I soon felt drawn to the internet and the design possibilities offered for online design. As I was not confident in my technical abilities – I could not get my head around HTML. Feeling very much like a visual designer and worrying I would not have the brain for code I ended up doing flash design instead, creating small promotional websites. Though I absolutely loved this work I did realise the drawbacks and felt I needed to bite the bullet and learn coding.

After a brief introduction to HTML – I read Jeffrey Zeldman’s “Designing with web standards”. And that was it… discovering Eric Meyer and his site – I went on to teach myself handcoding and CSS and soon started working towards the web standards, thanks to the wonderful web community and its spirit of sharing knowledge. Now I am happily learning more all the time as well as teaching web design the way I feel it should be taught.

On a final note I’d like to say that I am now happily working with my lovely eyedea team with whom I hope to do even more creative and exciting work in the future.
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch ;)

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