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i-took-the-2009-surveyOnce again – it’s that time of year again, time for the ALA survey. None of us like forms and surveys, I imagine ~ but this one is a must :)

To quote the site:

Whether you call yourself a user experience consultant, web developer, or content strategist; whether you design customer flows, buttons, or brands; no matter what title you hold as a full- or part-time web professional, your work shapes our future and ought to command the world’s respect. But we won’t win that respect without understanding, and we can’t hope for understanding without data and the knowledge it reluctantly yields to the patient hand and steady eye.

It’s to help the world understand who we are and what we do that, each year since 2007, we’ve asked you, the members of the web design community, a few dozen questions about your professional life, and compared your answers to those of your colleagues. Each time we’ve asked, over 30,000 of you have kindly obliged with details about your salary, location, background, and more. The data that you provide and we analyze is the only significant information about our profession as a profession to be published anywhere, by anyone. That makes it important. That makes you and your answers very important indeed.

And so, good citizens of the web, once again we ask you to take a few minutes to tell us about your professional skills, educational background, career prospects, job benefits, and more. The job you save could be your own.

15/12/2009 blog

2 Responses to “ALA web survey”

  1. Gravatar laura says:

    Oh, I have almost forget about this one. thanks!! Done now :-)

  2. Gravatar prisca says:

    Laura :) yeah, this is the *one* survey I don’t mind filling in :)

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