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There are several ways of animating in Painter – using nothing but the canvas or by using layers in various degrees of complexity.

By placing an object or drawing on a layer and moving it into different positions in the simplest way of creating an animation. This would be a good first step if you haven’t created a Painter animation before – this tutorial will take you through this process step by step.

The first part will create a brush stroke of paint on the canvas – using frame-by-frame drawing. The second part will then add the brush which will be placed on a layer and moved along the existing stroke.
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animation :: Painter :: file set up & onion skinning

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One of my all time favourites programs (ever!) is Painter. When I was new to computer graphics and not quite sure yet about this new tool – it was the one app which drew me in immediately with its rich colours and tools – and I was hooked …. it’s a dream to work with :)

One of the more hidden – or at least less commonly used – features in Painter is animation and working with video – something which is not only great fun – but can also add something to any motion graphics or animation work you might do. My posts on this subject will be by no means exhaustive – rather a quick introduction for those interested to experiment.

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