meeting inspiring people

tonight Laura and I finally made it to one of the GeekDinners :-) This evening Ryan and Elliot from Carsonified were talking about their Twitter application MATT and their famous 4 day working week. It was great to hear in more detail about their successful 4 day development time for the new application – with all its ups and downs.

An additional and unforseen highlight of the evening for me was Tantek Çelik joining the group…. It’s not often you meet the true gurus so unexpectedly. As I talk about Tantek every year with each new group of web students – meeting him in person was a treat :-)

Tantek ÇelikTantek Çelik

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Adult courses at TowerHamletsCollege – enrolling now :)

courses courses

→ Design for the Web
→ Digital Animation

as the new academic year is about to begin – I would just like to promote the 2 courses I run at TowerHamletsCollege (London, Poplar) – enrolment will start the first week of september so if you’re interested – be quick and get in touch :)


if webdesign or animation are not your thing – you should have a look at Zak’s website and the courses he runs: Commercial Graphics and Digital Illustration and Digital Motion Graphics

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iPhone apps – now

The update of my iPhone and the now available applications have been fantastic. It’s just wonderful to see all the various ideas, the design and attention to detail – and the nice little touches. With a lot of new and wonderful applications coming out quite regularly now – I thought I should keep a record of what I’m using myself. I’m sure this will change over time. So here are just a few screengrabs with some notes.
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energised by nature :)

The few days away, staying with Andrew in Maryport and walking in the Lake District were short but wonderful. What a beautiful place – what stunning views…
Here is a small selection as slideshow
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Unfortunately I will be busy teaching my webclass and cannot make it to the event itself – so at least I wanted to support Christian Heilmann and spread the word about his fantastic event.
Scripting Enabled - hacking the web to be more accessible - London, England 19th and 20th of September 2008

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Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty – 15/10/08

to quote the site:

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.

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resetting WordPress admin password

after managing to lock myself out of the admin section for the second time – I thought I should write up a very quick tutorial on how to change the master password. So here is just a quick step-by-step on how to reset your password for the main admin user – using phpMyAdmin. For this you will need access to the control panel of your server and be able to access your WordPress database via phpMyAdmin.
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ALA – The Survey 2008

once again – the ALA team want our data. Though forms or surveys can be a pain – this one is a must for all of us being webgeeks :-)

to quote the site:

Calling all designers, developers, information architects, project managers, writers, editors, marketers, and everyone else who makes websites. It is time once again to pool our information so as to begin sketching a true picture of the way our profession is practiced worldwide.

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SilverBack – no monkey business

silverback - application iconUsertesting can be one of those expensive and time consuming aspects of any website project. Though it is clear to us working on the site’s design and development how vital actual testing is – it is yet an entirely different matter to convince your client to spend time and money on it, especially if – like me – you tend to have clients who are individuals or smaller companies or organisations.

That was until a gorilla came along introducing a new alternative which looks very promising ;-)

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‘font conference’

just came across this video and though I’m not usually into silly webclips – I did like this one here ;-) It’s nothing amazing – but I liked the idea of putting characters to fonts…

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my gorgeous man

Today I received the disc with some absolutely stunning photos of Nick, just love them (and this man!) – I had to show them here :-) Tom has been rediscovering his love and passion for photography and has taken some amazing photos. Nick became one of his recent subjects and the result is amazing. I particularly like Tom’s signature shot with the goggles. Thank you, Tom :-)
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media exposure for accessibility

Having just received an email from Helen Kennedy from INMD it was good to hear that Channel 4 reported on the issues facing intellectually disabled users online. I’m very glad that this is getting some media exposure – and to support this issue – I’d like to show it here.

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‘scaffolding’ by Mags Brolly

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digital arts exhibition @ The Foundry

it’s that time again – the end of another academic year and time for another exhibition to show off this year’s creative masterpieces.

digital arts exhibition, 24/7/08 @ The Foundry

Courses participating:

Everyone is welcome – the more the merrier ;-) hope to see you there :-)
→ download flyer

It was a great evening – lots of visitors – good atmosphere – and a great end to the year. Thanks to Laura, Daiva and Zara for the photos :-)

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colour madness…

colour swatchesThis has been an ongoing headache of mine – colour calibration – colour profiles – and how to avoid that annoying colour shift when you save your image for the web…

I was working on a design for Lawrence Griffiths (LookingForAWebsite) who is setting up a website for a primary school. As the school is set in trees – the design brief was to convey this feel, meaning lots of green tones and shades. All was going fine until I wanted to upload the mockups as optimised jpgs for preview and feedback. With my file setup as RGB, 8 Channel and the ‘convert to sRGB’ set in the ‘save for web’ window – I thought I was doing everything I needed to simply optimise my mockup.
But how wrong I was… again, I hit the odd colour shift problem – my carefully chosen green tones taking on a completely different shade as soon as I went into the ‘save for web’ window… :'( → continue reading…

INMD workshop – last day

today is the last day of the INMD workshop – on the program for today is more usertesting and an afternoon of talk from selected experts. I will try to keep notes as we go along today as I am not sure whether I will have time to write this up afterwards. → continue reading…

transcending CSS with Andy

andy clarkeyesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Clarke and attending his workshop “Transcending CSS: Styling For A Beautiful Web”. It was a great day with quite a few ‘lightbulb moments’ for me.

It was great to listen to such clear and to-the-point explanations and I finally clicked with relative positioning ;-) Andy presented a beautiful demo site inspired by Billy Bragg and talked about a lot of wonderful techniques. It was inspiring to hear Andy’s take on the different issues and I was glad to find my own opinions were very much along the same lines…

Hopefully, if time allows, I will soon try to write a post about some of the things I’ve learnt. For now – I can’t wait to implement a few CSS techniques and start by creating a new and cleaner CSS for this site here :)

THANKS, Andy :)
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eyelearn – new site

finally made time to set up the ‘eyelearn’ courses up on a new site – – new branding implemented and a completely new setup for course details and student area.

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how can we save our courses?

crashReally had been looking forward to the Easter break – a lot of design work to do and more time for that, a nice break with an aim to return full of energy for the last term with my webdesign and animation students, looking forward to seeing all the hard work pay off for them in their final major projects. So much for that…

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naked dayhaving missed it the last 2 years – I’m on time this year to join the united efforts of “CSS naked day” :)

What happened to the design?

To know more about why styles are disabled on this website visit the
Annual CSS Naked Day website for more information.

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design inspiration

with so many beautifuly designed sites out there – it can be very distracting to browse around… with my webstudents now starting to work on their own portfolio site designs – I simply want to show a small number of links to portfolio sites which are visually very strong as well as very different:

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javascript… the superior geek’s land… as many times before, I again feel I need to face another challenge in coding… as with handcoding – before facing it I thought my visual mind would not be able to handle the code – I feel this is even more so the case with Javascript. → continue reading…

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PingPong game for ID players

[part of the INMD project]
PROJECT PAGE: PingPong game for ID players

OUTLINE: This game is intended for the ID group with the most severe intellectual disability.
It is therefore intended to be played with assistance, at least for the start of the game. It can be played by 1 person alone – or be played as a 2 player game, each player taking charge of 1 side of the game (left/right black bar and their corresponding half of the screen/projection). → continue reading…

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commonKnowledge – new design

commonKnowledge website - old designcommonKnowledge website - new design proposal

As I have now joined the Commonknowledge Collective – I thought it would be nice to give the member a little something as a little welcome gift from me. → continue reading…

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how to fix your site for IE

ie - voodoo dollWhile you are new to handcoding – you will inevitably write CSS code which IE just messes up… :”( In this moment you’d probably like to have a little IE voodoo doll to stick pins into…. :)

But don’t worry – the more you work with the code – the more you will understand how to structure your HTML and CSS better, avoiding most if not all IE hacks. And hopefully with IE8 – if we’re lucky enough – we will have a better version yet…
This post is merely a resources collection – to give you a few links to articles, resources and utitlities… → continue reading…

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INMD workshop – day 2

Today was the day #2 of the Inclusive New Media Design workshops – and it was a very interesting day as I learnt about people with ID (Intellectual Disablility) and their perspective on every day life as well as their use of the internet. I’m hoping there will be some reference material going up on the INMD site over the next few days which will be good to read.
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INMD workshop – day 1

Today was the first day of the Inclusive New Media Design workshops – to quote the site:

Inclusive New Media Design is a research project which aims to identify the best ways to encourage web designers and developers to build websites accessible to people with intellectual disabilities.

just summing up a few points which should by now be standard practice (WCAG 1.0 discussion points from Simon Evans):
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working on WP locally – thanks to MAMP :)

MAMP-iconJust a very quick post to tell you all about this fantastic little app from living-eMAMP allows you to activate the apache server very easily on your mac…

Even though I have been working with WordPress for a while now (all work done live online using password protected folders) – I never had enough time to look into getting the server setup locally to work offline with on my themes and customisations. The local server setup was something I always really wanted to figure out – but being much more of a front end designer – I avoided the issue, being a coward really : ), running away from any complications which might slow me down or delay me – my workload not allowing much time to play.

For christmas I received a wonderful surprise in the form of a new mac book pro :) and so I was keen to get my dream machine setup with everything I wanted to use, including the local server. Doing some research online for tutorials and tips I found this amazing little app ;) and within minutes I was setup with my local server – importing all data from my DB, installing WP locally – now happily working on my WP sites offline ;)
In case you’d like to know – a quick run down: → continue reading…

clever rollovers

spriteSpending time on your menu styling will be time well worth spent. Though going over the top with link enhancement will be more distracting than helpful – making good use of icons, graphic symbols and other small additional visuals can create a richer user experience – adding a touch of style and character.
Using CSS – you can use background images to add visual effects to your links – here is a quick step-by-step to take you through one example of a so-called ‘sprite rollover’, as in the example here.
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a sad day for webdesign

Usually, I don’t really comment much on the debates happening online though I do follow them with interest. The reason for not writing much in my own blog here is partly because I don’t consider myself a ‘proper’ blogger (don’t think I am very good at writing – much more of a visual person) and partly as I simply do not have the time. This issue of accessibility however does really get to me – and I find some of the attitudes out there quite shocking – and really sad – so I felt I needed to draw attention to this.

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graphiceyedea prisca schmarsow – portfolio