using flash as progressive enhancement

Sorry about this abstract sounding title – just the best way to put it ;)
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For those of us who love Flash – it is important to understand how to implement any flash content without alienating those who cannot see it due to browser plugins, security or network settings. The times of flash being something people either love or hate should be over and we can look forward to using flash elements to visually enhance our sites while ensuring consistent design and style throughout.

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getting around problems with Flash and IE

After struggling to get a consistent and stable set up for 2 small flash movies, floated next to each other, in IE – I gave up trying to figure this one out. Let’s hope for better support in future versions….

I decided to stick with the page redirection – if flash is not found on the user machine and the browser will display a different page instead which replaces the 2 flash movies with static gifs – and add a browser detection script to re-direct IE onto this same page, avoiding the flash alignment problems.
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