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Got home today after a busy day with my webstudents – thought I’d do a little bit of catching up on some online news. Reading some tweets – I could not quite believe it…. Molly once again managed to blow my mind, in a good and a bad way… → continue reading…

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how to fix your site for IE

ie - voodoo dollWhile you are new to handcoding – you will inevitably write CSS code which IE just messes up… :”( In this moment you’d probably like to have a little IE voodoo doll to stick pins into…. :)

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But don’t worry – the more you work with the code – the more you will understand how to structure your HTML and CSS better, avoiding most if not all IE hacks. And hopefully with IE8 – if we’re lucky enough – we will have a better version yet…
This post is merely a resources collection – to give you a few links to articles, resources and utitlities… → continue reading…

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Firefox rules…

friefox devrouing IE

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just came across this icon – the great Firefox devouring the evil IE. It really made me smile… what a nice thought…
It looks like it’s quite old and unfortunately I have no idea who created this graphic. But I liked to so much I had to display it here – doesn’t this just show what you as webdesigner wish could happen…?

binäre optionen erfolgsstrategie

Wouldn’t it be great to send out a nice little fox to kill the monster which has been causing havoc with any nicely coded site…? Never having to confront that horrid blue ‘e’ again… no more hacks, ever… well, we can dream… rekenvoorbeeld binaire opties

If anyone knows who created it – please do let me know, I would be happy to give credit where credit is due :)

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IE6? IE7? …to hack or not to hack?… the dreaded question…

Having played around with getting to grips with what the new version of IE is now throwing at our sites – after reading a lot of useful articles on this subject (see links below) – I’ve ended up with one method to use which seems to work fine. The idea is to only load the style sheet in our ‘good’ browsers understand and use conditional comments to load in the extra style sheets IE would need.
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IE… what to do now…!?

IE7 - cloud imagewith the arrival of IE7 – we are again faced with different problems for our CSS implementation…
In this transitional period with a number of people ready to upgrade (encouraged by the automated prompt) – there will also be a number of people out there who will not agree so quickly and will stick with IE6 a while longer. To fix the display errors both versions of IE will inevitably show – we will need to use hacks for both versions. → continue reading…

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getting around problems with Flash and IE

No script Prednisone After struggling to get a consistent and stable set up for 2 small flash movies, floated next to each other, in IE – I gave up trying to figure this one out. Let’s hope for better support in future versions….

Sildenafil Citrate billiger 2013 I decided to stick with the page redirection – if flash is not found on the user machine and the browser will display a different page instead which replaces the 2 flash movies with static gifs – and add a browser detection script to re-direct IE onto this same page, avoiding the flash alignment problems.
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IE – the struggle continues…!?

masaniello opzioni binarie Since I joined the WebStandardsGroup – one thing I really enjoy is the newsletter ‘Some links for light reading’. Some excellent articles and links to keep up to date with latest developments. Since the arrival of IE7 – we are obviously all worried about what the new release will mean for the currently implemented hacks and other display bugs….

Köp Inderal online-Luleå (Kallax) So here a few useful articles to read (courtesy of the WSG):

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