resetting WordPress admin password

after managing to lock myself out of the admin section for the second time – I thought I should write up a very quick tutorial on how to change the master password. So here is just a quick step-by-step on how to reset your password for the main admin user – using phpMyAdmin. For this you will need access to the control panel of your server and be able to access your WordPress database via phpMyAdmin.
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working on WP locally – thanks to MAMP :)

MAMP-iconJust a very quick post to tell you all about this fantastic little app from living-eMAMP allows you to activate the apache server very easily on your mac…

Even though I have been working with WordPress for a while now (all work done live online using password protected folders) – I never had enough time to look into getting the server setup locally to work offline with on my themes and customisations. The local server setup was something I always really wanted to figure out – but being much more of a front end designer – I avoided the issue, being a coward really : ), running away from any complications which might slow me down or delay me – my workload not allowing much time to play.

For christmas I received a wonderful surprise in the form of a new mac book pro :) and so I was keen to get my dream machine setup with everything I wanted to use, including the local server. Doing some research online for tutorials and tips I found this amazing little app ;) and within minutes I was setup with my local server – importing all data from my DB, installing WP locally – now happily working on my WP sites offline ;)
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