FOWD – a grand day out

This year I finally made it to the FOWD conference – along with Laura and Brooke. We had a fantastic day listening to the speaker and mingling. The speakers were brilliant overall – and I felt both inspired and entertained. I will not go into detail about the talks as I would not be able to do them justice. Also, luckily the guys from Carsonified are amazingly quick and efficient :) you can listen to the talks yourself as the audio files are already online – with slides and videos to follow soon.

While there are only the audio files – I would highly recommend listening to the following (the others below do need the full video and slides for full enjoyment):

  • Molly Holzschlag

    → The Future of Web Standards: Is There One?
    Molly finished off the day with a bang – loved her dynamic and lively delivery :) and it was the crowning talk of the day for me. Molly discussed several topics I was keen to hear more about. Though the future of web standards does not look great – I left determined to keep pushing forward and looking ahead.

  • Jim Coudal

    → Keynote Address
    Jim talks about the creative process and discusses some great techniques ;) With or without the slides – I’d recommend you listen to it, inspirational stuff :)
    And in case you have not seen this site yet – you should have a look a this example of the discussed creative freedom: seedconference

  • Mark Boulton

    → Typography’s not on the Web, it IS the Web
    of course, this was a talk not to be missed — Mark discussed the matter of type on the web and went into a rant or two which made it all very entertaining :)

Some of the talk just would not be the same without the visuals though – so I would suggest to check the Carsonified site for updated content from FOWD :) — in my opinion, these are not to be missed:

  • Mike Kus

    Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard
    Mike’s slides were one of the highlights of the presentations for me – beautifully designed using type, textures and colours with wonderful composition and layout. While we’re waiting for the videos – Mike’s slides are already online. So have a look at the slideshow below – #24 is my favourite – gorgeous black&white visual :)

  • Robin Christopherson

    Designing for All in a Web 2.0 World
    Robin’s talk was very enlightning — and brought home once again why accessibility is such a vital aspect of any site. Robin navigated with the screenreader while giving his talk and just amazed me with his ability to do both at the same time. You should definitely watch his presentation once the video is available – you will learn a lot and find him very inspiring.

  • Simon Sankarayya

    13 years and 13 things I have learned about computers
    Simon was like a whirlwind from internets past… Fast-paced and super dynamic – Simon’s talk took us back to the start of multimedia and an evolution of technology entwined with talent. To enjoy his talk – you will definitely need to wait for the video for the full experience.

And I could go on… but you should check the talks out for yourself ;) All I can say that I had a great time at FOWD. A big thank you to the Carsonified team for a great day, the lovely pressies – and for getting the audio files so quickly online :) — and thanks to the speakers for their inspiring talks.

slides : Mike Kus – FOWD 2009

Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard

View more presentations from mikekus.

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