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While I’m waiting for the last session of the <head> conference to start and just wanted to record my thoughts. It’s been a very interesting and fun experience :-) thank you, Aral :)

Though I was not sure what exactly to expect from this conference, held entirely on the web initially (and too busy to read up on all the info online on the site) I have to say this was a great event :-) The conference started with a pre-party in ‘SecondLife‘. Though I don’t like the concept of this at all – I gave it a go and though it was interesting to finally see for myself how it all worked – I found the experience very odd. The oddness of watching the avatar which represents yourself was very weird and not something I particularly liked. Meeting up with 2 people I actually knew in person didn’t make this any better. I like the idea of this conference using so many different platforms and angles and I’m glad I tried ‘SecondLife‘ though I’ll be happy to not go there again :-)

Laura, Brooke and I attended the London Hub opening of the conference and had the pleasure of hearing a number of inspiring talks from Jeremy Keith, Ann McKeen, Simon Wilison, Christian Heilmann, Simon Wardley and Tim O’Reilly to name but a few. Aral created a very friendly atmosphere and made this a great start to the conference. The technical glitches and hickups made us laugh while the everything went remarkably smooth overall.

Saturday and sunday’s sessions were held online with the speakers showing their slides in the largest section of the screen, their video shown in the top right corner alongside the online chat window. This setup worked really well – and the speakers we saw were brilliant and made this approach work really well. The chance to ask questions and comment on the talk during or afterwards was great – and I really enjoyed sitting comfortably at home with Laura and Brooke while watching the talks.

– – – back to conference for the last talk – – –

Returning from the end of conference now I have to say it was brilliant. I am going on holiday tomorrow so I do not have the time to even try and digest any part of the inspiring talks now. But I’d like to give you the links to the speaker’s profile pages on the <head conference> site.

I’m using the profile photos found on the website – hoping Aral won’t mind ;) (note: I have asked Aral for permission to use these photos (though he will no doubt need a breather after the conference is now over, and deservedly so) and I will of course take the photos down immediately if asked to – update: I’ve since heard from Aral who is happy for me to show the images here).

So here, in no particular order are the speakers who I found most inspiring over the last 3 days :)
photo of Jeremy Keithphoto of Ann McMeekinphoto of Christian Heilmannphoto of Molly Holzschlagphoto of Simon Willisonphoto of Simon Wardleyphoto of Tim O'Reilly

all images © <head> conference (Aral Balkan, 2008)

27/10/2008 blog,events

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