INMD workshop – day 1

Today was the first day of the Inclusive New Media Design workshops – to quote the site:

Inclusive New Media Design is a research project which aims to identify the best ways to encourage web designers and developers to build websites accessible to people with intellectual disabilities.

just summing up a few points which should by now be standard practice (WCAG 1.0 discussion points from Simon Evans):

  • do not use tables for layout – or forms (will not linearise well)
    tables if used at all – should lineraise well, ie strippped of any formatting via CSS for example – the table should still make sense
  • create content that can be presented in different ways,
    eg information, structure and relationships conveyed through presentation can be programatically determined and available through text
  • present page content in a meaningful sequence
    whenthe sequence in which the content is presented affects its meaning – a correct reading sequence can be programatically determined
  • marking up forms for accessibility
    1. fieldset (grouping of form fields)
    2. legend (title for a group of form fields)
    3. label (title for a specific form input field)

    one approach to forms (by Darren West):
    using unordered lists for list of options such as gender and status input fields – the layout will degrade gracefully and maintain a meaningful and visually decent layout

a few useful links:

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