poverty does not define (Tom Hurley)

copiare trader con opzioni binarie Just as the BlogActionDay 2008 against poverty is on its way I receive an email from Tom. His photography has taken Tom to streets, taking photos of homeless people. These photos are striking and so I felt they should be shown – they will say more than my post for this day could say. So I hope they will have an impact on you.

trading binario sicuro photo of Seanphoto of Mike photo of Mike

Asked for permission to show his photos here – Tom wrote:

Tadalafil Oral Strip “We tend to think of poverty in the sense of the major areas of deprivation … but personal poverty exists adjacent to great wealth, as the images that I have sent you are of people whose poverty does not define them, it is their present state and that state is so easily changeable with only a little effort from those around them, I have come to know these chaps, Sean and Mike and I tried to make portraits that depicted them and not their condition. Sean sits on the floor and looks at the camera and says this is me Sean, a person not an object.

Tastylia USA Sean and his mates are the responsibility of us all, we ignore the poor at our peril … please use these images in anyway that you see fit, write what you feel is appropriate, I’m not interested in the credit for these images only in the chance that in seeing them it may spark some acts to release them from their condition.”

prop 100 (14/10/08, Tom Hurley)

15/10/2008 blog,thoughts

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    belinda says:

    binäre optionen banc de swiss i am very touched by the humility of these images
    a humility. reminds me of what the bible says about how hard it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god, as if wealth can be a defense against humility

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    Jo says:

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    Nice pictures, Good sentiment.

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