singing & crying

Got home today after a busy day with my webstudents – thought I’d do a little bit of catching up on some online news. Reading some tweets – I could not quite believe it…. Molly once again managed to blow my mind, in a good and a bad way…

First bit of news is that Molly now calls herself an Opera Singer :) – meaning she has joined Opera – her role will be (in her own words): “evangelism and outreach for standards and an open, accessible, multi-modal Web”.  She sounds happy and excited to be joining talents like Jon Hicks and is looking forward to her new work. Wishing you all the very best, Molly :-)

The second bit of news came as quite a shock – Microsoft have gone back on their word. After having been heavily criticised by individual developers and by the standards community for their initial proposal of an opt-in opt-out implementation of standards support in IE8 – Microsoft announced that they would ship IE8 in standards compliant mode by default which at the time was a great relief and seemed like a real step forward for Microsoft who had been making any web designer / webdeveloper’s life hell with the stagnant and badly flawed IE6. We were all positively impressed and looked forward to this new version coming out. Was it actually possible that we were moving forward, getting closer to the web standards?

ie8-acidfrownNow however – it seems that announcement had been no more than a distraction technique –  Microsoft insist on holding back standards support once more, slowing us all down, adding yet again more browsers to support and test in, more inconsistencies and complications…According to the blog post titled “Compatibility View Improvements to come in IE8” by Scott Dickens it is now clear that the promised default standard support will not be implemented as we had hoped. And it does  not end there but gets worse! IE8 will now actually blacklist sites when the compatibility button is used, forcing IE7 rendering.  The implications of this are enormous – and my head is too tired to even get started here… But I do want to leave you with a few related links worth reading:

14/02/2009 blog,IE thoughts

3 Responses to “singing & crying”

  1. Gravatar Molly E. Holzschlag says:

    Prisca, you are so lovely and supportive. I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for your nice comments over the past month – you wished me a lovely happy birthday and in the whirlwind I did not reply.

    Thanks for posting on the IE8 topic, and let’s keep our eyes on the good stuff, because there is a lot of good stuff.

    Molly :)

  2. Gravatar prisca says:

    Molly, thanks :-)
    and yes, always look on the bright side of life :) For now, just for this very moment – I won’t even think about it and instead look forward to more good news from Opera. With first Jon Hicks and now you joining them – it can only get better.

  3. Gravatar baiba says:

    I was really hoping to get more friendly with IE, but this topic smashed everything :(
    Now I’m more disappointed with Microsoft.
    Thanks for update anyway!

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