A few weeks ago – I went to the meetup which was absolutely fantastic :) The event was organised by Bruce Lawson and Henny Swan, who evangelise Open Web Standards for Opera. It was one of the best geek meetups I’ve been to in ages… I couldn’t believe how great the speakers were and how much solid information was shared… I learnt a ton and really enjoyed it.

I had intended to write this post straight after the event and sum up a few bits of content. Unfortunately I’d been so busy that I did not have the time. So rather than delaying this further I’d like to show you a clip of Bruce Lawson and his talk on HTML5 instead.

Bruce Lawson from Opera: The HTML 5 Experiments from Sigurd Magnusson on Vimeo.
Bruce Lawson from Opera talks at O’Reilly’s OSCON 2009 conference about HTML 5.

“Presented by Bruce Lawson (Opera Software ASA). A pragmatic look at HTML 5 by experimenting with converting a real site to HTML 5 – how does it work? Where it useful and where is it annoying? How is support in current browsers?”

30/07/2009 blog,handcoding

2 Responses to “—HTML5”

  1. Gravatar Henny says:

    Really glad that you could make it and we met finally. That’s the best thing about geekups I reckon :)

    We’ll be having some more with the next one planned for September 19th in London looking at cognition, accessibility and wen design. I’ll post details on Twitter once they’re finalised.

    Are you coming to Techshare? It’s running the two days before Standards.Next on the 17th and 18th Sept. Be good to see you.

  2. Gravatar prisca says:

    Henny :)
    was lovely to meet you too ;)
    and thanks for the dates – I’ve put them in my diary, hoping to make it though I’m back teaching by then, so not sure about the Techshare as it looks like it’ll clash with my webcourse. But will be there for the Standards.Next for sure!

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