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andy clarkeyesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Clarke and attending his workshop “Transcending CSS: Styling For A Beautiful Web”. It was a great day with quite a few ‘lightbulb moments’ for me.

It was great to listen to such clear and to-the-point explanations and I finally clicked with relative positioning ;-) Andy presented a beautiful demo site inspired by Billy Bragg and talked about a lot of wonderful techniques. It was inspiring to hear Andy’s take on the different issues and I was glad to find my own opinions were very much along the same lines…

Hopefully, if time allows, I will soon try to write a post about some of the things I’ve learnt. For now – I can’t wait to implement a few CSS techniques and start by creating a new and cleaner CSS for this site here :)

THANKS, Andy :)

September ’08 UPDATE:
Andy has now put together his own and brand new site for his workshops. Titled ‘for a beautiful web’ – the site is very different in visual style and shows off some of the new techniques – you should have a look (viewed in Safari the site will show off its best side ;)

15/05/2008 blog,thoughts,workshops

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