wishes for the new year

best wishes for 2009

→ a doodle for 2009
… just to wish everyone all the very, very best for the new year.

2008 ended with such busy weeks – with college and design work – that I literally did not find the time to send cards for the holidays which I feel really bad about. So I had to at least put something up for the new year,  a graphic instead of animation; also this time – for the first time in years – I did not create my usual Flash card but enjoyed going back to doodling with my lovely fountain pen.

Although I am feeling pretty ill at the moment I have to say that I am really looking forward to this year — the eyedea team is kicking off properly. There are a few things on the horizon and a few projects in development and we will try to make 2009 a good year despite all the doom and gloom being talked about.

Last year the teamwork really started taking shape — and I am really chuffed to have such lovely as well as talented people working with me :-) I feel very lucky —  I can’t wait to see what this year will bring :)

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    Thanks, Martin :)
    a creative and web-happy 2009 to you too :-)

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