upload via FTP in Firefox – FireFTP

updated Oct 2011

Firefox being the brilliant browser it is - more and more excellent and useful extensions are being developed ; ) One of these is FireFTP by Mime Čuvalo.
This extension allows you to upload your files directly in Firefox via FTP. I'm not sure how well it performs with very large files but I tried it out for several uploads and find it very easy to use, stable and very responsive. I'd like to take you through its installation and setup in Firefox and a typical upload. Make sure you are in Firefox ;)

Installation and connection setup

  1. to install FireFTP - go to either of the pages shown below. By clicking on the Download / Install button the addon will be installed as extension in Firefox.
  2. after installation - restart Firefox.
    Once back open - you will see the extension added to your top menu > Tools > FireFTP.
    Note that newer versions of Firefox changed the location of the extension within the top menu. In Firefox6 - you can find it now under
    top menu > Tools > Web Developer > FireFTP.

    When you choose FireFTP from your menu - it will launch itself into a new tab showing two columns: a left side column showing your default local directory and a right side column, currently empty, for the server directory. Each column is again divided into two halves allowing you to easily access folder content. Inbetween the two main columns you will see two arrow buttons which allow you to download from the remote directory and upload files and folders to the server.

  3. to set the preferences go to:
    top menu > Tools > Add-ons.

    Depending on your version of Firefox - the window content will be slightly different, newer versions will launch the add-ons manager, as shown in the screenshot below.
    The settings on place by default should be fine - but make sure that you have the general settings set as shown below. By setting the FileView to refresh automatically you will be able to see any successful up/downloads immediately appear within your folders.

Uploading via FTP

To upload to your webserver you will need to have the following details:
  • FTP host - usually in the form of "ftp.yourdomainname.com" or "yourdomainname.com"
  • username/login
  • password

These details will be given to you by your webhost. It is good practice to keep all such information backed up somewhere other than your computer. Print out a copy and make sure store it somewhere safe - keep it secret - keep it safe ;)
Even though you can always request this information again from your webhost - you often will need to log in or give some details in order to use technical support or to verify your account.

To configure FireFTP for server connection and upload the files - please follow the steps below:

  1. local directory

    to set the left side column of FireFTP to show the files to be uploaded - navigate your computer and locate your current site. You will see that by clicking on a folder in the very left hand side column - its adjacent column will show the selected folder's content. Once you can see your site's content - you are ready to connect to your server.

  2. FTP account

    FireFTP allows you to create FTP accounts which are then stored within the account drop down menu. Click onto 'Manage Accounts', select 'Create an account' and type in your details. You will only need to type in the 'Host' details which will automatically be used as 'Account Name' - and your username and password. Click 'OK' to confirm and save your account settings.

  3. connect to server

    once you have confirmed the correct log in details - you are ready to connect to your server. With your details stored in the drop down menu - make sure your FTP account is displayed and click the connect button. Beneath the program's credits at the bottom of your window you will see the current activity being displayed. This will tell you how your login is proceeding and will inform you of any errors which might occur.

    The folders found in the root directory can vary from server to server - and you don't need to worry about most of these while you are new to webdesign and simply want to upload your website. It is important only to put your website's files into the correct directory and to make sure your index page is placed directly into the site folder.

    Your website's directory is usually called "httpdocs" - "public_html" - or you might even find a folder shortcut called "www". If you are not sure - simply email your webhost and ask :)
    Once connected - you will see the right side column displaying your server's directories as shown here:

  4. uploading your files

    To upload your files - make sure that your site folder is open in both directories: your local and your remote server should mirror each other. Once you know you are looking at the correct files - ensure that all required files are selected in your local site folder and that the relevant folder is displaying its content on the server side.

    Select all files to be uploaded by shift clicking - and upload using either the 'upload' button or by dragging the selected files across.

    Both methods work equally well. If you are new to this and feel a little hesitant - use the 'upload' button as you cannot make any mistakes. While dragging across and if you let go of your mouse at the wrong time - you might end up uploading your files into the wrong directory. You would then have to either move them on the server - or delete them to upload from scratch.

  5. viewing process and stopping up/downloads

    You can see the process of your up/download in several places within your window. this should give you an indication of how long certain file sizes will take to up/download. It is always faster to download than to upload - so don't be surprised if some heavier file take more time. If your internet connection is slow it would be best to upload your files in smaller chunks.

    If you are experiencing difficulties - you can stop your up/downloads at any time via the 'abort' button. You can then disconnect from the server and even restart FireFTP or Firefox to start fresh.


  1. Gravatar Wesley W. Lyon

    I have been a FF addict for… well ever, since before it was called FireFox. I found your add-on in it’s rather early days I believe it was still in testing stages. I was a fan of FireFTP since the moment I used it. It was simple to use and light weight with the abilities I wanted/needed. Please keep this in mind when I say that FF may be dead for me now. The reason is about adding site exceptions to the security certificates. For example I attempt to connect to an FTP site that uses SSL, FF then says “site not trusted” “do you want to add site to exceptions?” but FF will not allow this. I have read some where that this is by design due to fraudulent SC exceptions. As this directly effects the use of this add-on that I love and many many many others do as well I was hoping to get some response from this corner of the FF community.

  2. Gravatar Gary

    How do I set up an account for Amazon s3? What fields get the access and secret keys?

  3. Gravatar web 2.0 directory script nulled

    I’m on a self-ip ethernet connection with a university. This is the only difference between any place else I’ve uploaded where it worked. However, I can upload to my FTP, just not through the browser. I run a blog where I need to be able to upload to flickr and youtube.

    Also, the browser will say “Done” instead of Transferring…

    I’m on a Mac with Leopard and have tried Safari and Firefox.

  4. Gravatar VV28

    how can i delete files from the server

  5. Gravatar gary tee

    Every time I open fireftp my windows need to be adjusted so
    I can see content. How can I make fireftp remember the windows as I
    leave them?

  6. Gravatar andy king

    I am trying to transfer files and get the following error
    message “550 Could not delete index2.html: No space left on device”
    Do you know how I clear space on the device? Thanks, Andy

  7. Gravatar Geedox

    Can I import connection and site settings from other FireFTP installations?

  8. Gravatar Mignon Billock

    Actually impressive

  9. Gravatar Tom Koren

    How can I put a FireFTP icon in the task bar or shortcut on the desktop?

    This site does not give a step-by-step process of what exactly to type where exactly.

    Thank you.

  10. Gravatar repairs laptop

    Awesome blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?
    A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out.
    Please let me know where you got your theme.

    Thanks a lot

  11. Gravatar prisca

    Hi ~ sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, busy days…

    Themba, sorry, I don’t know about the SSL with FireFTP, you might want to check the plugin site for more info: http://fireftp.mozdev.org/help.html

    Todd, I don’t quite understand what is going wrong, sorry.

    Saida, I don’t think this is a problem with the uploading ~ sounds like it could be something to do with your files naming perhaps? Some servers are strict on lowercase file and folder names.

    Annette, I’m not sure whats going wrong there – but could be a temporary issue to do with the version of Firefox. You could always use another standalone FTP client?

    Eric, sorry ~ I’m not sure how to solve this one, maybe the plugin’s site is of more help: http://fireftp.mozdev.org/help.html#prefs

  12. Gravatar Eric Sterbenz

    Still having an issue with FireFTP and Windows/Unix, Unix/Windows. When I transfer a text file from Windows to Unix it leaves all the extra “^M” characters at the end of the line in the file. I don’t see an option in any of the setting to change the behavior. Thanks.

  13. Gravatar Annette

    I need help!!! I have been using firefox ftp site for a while and all of a sudden on server directory when I right-click on a file the drop down menu does not work, therefore, I can’t view the file on my browser with the “Open With” option. I am working on a Mac and this has never happened before. I am very frustrated because I can’t seem to find a solutions to this. Thanks!

  14. Gravatar saidashellhouse

    I have download all my files from my computer to the server. Both directories are identical. In my computer everything works perfect. But, when I check my website on any browser every works but a section “Web Design” won’t open them. The same when I click on my resume it does not work. Firefox gives me the pointer hand and in the bottom gives my the root directory. Safari will open a blank window. Explorer will give me an error page. I have spend months trying to find the error, I have erase everything and downloaded again and still not working. Please I REALLY NEED you HELP! Please help me to fix it.
    Thanks for your time

  15. Gravatar todd brotherton

    why can’t I delete files I already downloaded from an ftp site? thanks

  16. Gravatar Themba

    Hi FireFTP looks great but I’m having trouble connecting to the remote server using SSL. It doesn’t give me an option to select my ssl key.

    Remote server:I have a keystore or Public key
    FireFtp client: I have the server’s public key + my private & public Keys.
    But can’t use these keys (SSL)

  17. Gravatar prisca

    Sorry, people, been really busy and haven’d had much time, so here a few replies, if very late by now:

    Wenz, don’t think FireFTP can do any form of automation, ~ and don’t know of any app that does, sorry.

    George – you are kidding, right? Or I am being dim or don’t understand what you mean ~ Kb/s = kbps?

    Maureen, sound like you either have an issue with the code, ie the file path on your webpage – or a mispelling. Without more details about the actual seutp – I’m not sure what could cause this.

    Gabriel – no problem ;) glad if it’s useful :)

    Juan, you’re right – you could give out your details. But I would not recommend that you do that as you will leave your server open. People make mistakes and by opening your server up to others – you could end up with broken site/s or worse.
    Why not use something more straight forward, like DropBox? ~ this will make file sharing easy without exposing your server ;)

  18. Gravatar Juan G Lopez

    How do i create an account if someone give me files via ftp> So i can give them my host name, log in & password thxs Juan

  19. Gravatar Gabriel Breyers

    I have two blogs one my own and the other which is my college blog.I will publish some part in the university blog.Hope you do not mind

  20. Gravatar Maureen

    Hi I am have trouble with transferring a picture. I have transferred text with a png/picture. I can see the picture there. however, then I transfer to my server directory. But when I go to my site the text is there but the picture is not. Can anyone help me please very frustrating.

  21. Gravatar george

    how can i change Transfer Rate KB/s To kbps?

  22. Gravatar Wenz

    (Iam using Filezilla server & client at present for the school-website/manuel update)

    I am looking for a automatic FTP-tool doing the following File-updates after the right configuration
    between a Windows-PC (A) and the website (B):
    a) Master = A, Slave= B
    b) New & updates Files from A >> B
    c) deleted Files at A >>> deleting them at B
    d) Time-scheduled start of this Update at the PC
    2 times per day
    my Question:
    1. is this possible with fireFTP?
    2. if not: do someone know such a FTP-tool? (even if it is not free)


    Automatic 2 times per day

  23. Gravatar Rovie

    I love this eisentxon. It is wonderful when I just need to upload a simple file and try it out, like a php page or something and don’t need or want to fire up another app just for that.

  24. Gravatar prisca

    what you are trying to do might be best solved another way, possibly just using a service like DropBox (http://dropbox.com) rather than using your own server.
    You can of course achieve what you are trying to do – but you would need to understand how to configure your server, set permissions on the different folder according to the access you want to grant etc….
    But as you called yourself a ‘noob’ :) I’d think an external service to manage upload might be less of a headache for you :)

    Bryan, sorry – I am familiar with VM but have never tried to do what you are trying to achieve, can’t be of any help to you here, sorry.

  25. Gravatar Bryan Poer

    I am using Fire FTP to connect to a mainframe running the VM (Virtual Machine) operating system. Just in case you’re not familiar with VM, you can have many userids logged onto the system. Each ID can have one, or many ‘disks’, which have a virtual address, ie. 191, 192, 292, 392, etc. when I connect to one of these disks, the flies show up as the timestamp of the file as the filename and the disk label as the filetype. Also if I FTP the file across, it comes without any data (0 KB). I have tried to check the configuration to see if I can change this and have been unsuccessful. Anyone got any ideas how I can FTP files to a VM system.

  26. Gravatar Jeremy

    I’m setting up our FTP upload and account settings and can’t figure out how to keep the rest of our webserver hidden when someone accesses our ftpdropbox. I don’t want someone to be able to mess with our website files or accidentally delete something. When I go into fireFTP I can not only see the ftpdropbox I want to access…but I can then go up to the parent directories and browse the entire webserver. Needless to say I don’t want to give out unlimited access, I want them to see what I’ve uploaded for them and nothing more. Any tips for the n00b?

  27. Gravatar prisca

    sorry to hear the fresh install didn’t help :(
    It seems that your settings remained? ~ I think your idea of deleting the account you set up and starting fresh would be a good idea. You can also have more than one account linking to the same host, no problem. A lot of people use several account purely for a different directory on the server – so I would definitely that :)
    good luck ;)

    not sure what this could be other than a glitch…. have you tried clearing cache etc and making sure you’ve typed in your password correctly (will be case-sensitive)?
    I assume you have done this – but can’t think of anything else, sorry.

  28. Gravatar prisca

    Sorry everyone for the late reply, was away for a few days….

    about your files – well, without seeing your folder I can’t be sure. If you are only trying to get rid of the pages which went public/online – then you should be doing this via the WordPress admin. Log in and find those posts/pages and set their status to ‘draft’ and update. This will take them offline.
    Unless you know exactly what you are doing with WordPress, I would not touch the files on your server. You have it installed and working – so work with it via your admin, rather than using FTP. You will be able to delete anything you don’t want to show online etc….
    And yes, your FTP account details are the ones you would use in the ‘host’ details within FireFTP.

  29. Gravatar Gary

    Ho Precila, I believe I am have a similar problem to Gail, I have just installed FireFTP, set up the account and it logs in and asks for a password again, no matter how many times I enter it the error comes back at me stating there is no password as below. I use another FTP client (transmit) and it works fine?
    Any ideas?
    USER admin
    331 User admin OK. Password required
    PASS (password not shown)
    530 Login authentication failed

  30. Gravatar Sally


    I am having problems uploading my updated index.html page. The transfer says complete but when I go to http://www.lazonbypool.co.uk to check it is still showing the old version. I have changed and uploaded another page successfully so cannot understand why having a problem with the homepage. Any ideas? Many thanks

  31. Gravatar Gail

    Hi Prisca,

    I tried the fresh install but getting the same error message. Thinking of deleting current account and starting over – or can I have 2 accounts linked to same host?

    Thanks for your help.

  32. Gravatar Janna

    How do I locate my blog files? Are the files in WordPress in my Applications folder the correct ones?

    And, are ‘FTP server’ and ‘Host’ the same thing? Dreamhost gave me a temporary FTP server name, phantom.dreamhost.com. Is that what goes in the ‘Host’ field?


  33. Gravatar prisca

    this does not have anything to do with FireFTP at all as far as I can tell ;)
    If you only installed and not configured FireFTP – then you have not uploaded any files. This means you might have installed WordPress on your server via other means, or it might have been pre-installed already.
    If someone saw your blog – then it is online, how – I can’t tell you without more details, sorry.
    Check your hosting control panel and see what is configured and set up on your server. If you’re not sure – open a support ticket with technical support and they should be able to explain :) Don’t worry about asking ~ there are no stupid questions and if you’re lucky you’ll have a friendly support team who will help you out ;)

  34. Gravatar Janna

    I just started a blog with WordPress. I downloaded and installed FireFTP as instructed- but that’s all. I started playing around with WordPress and added a file to it and assumed because I had not set up FireFTP that it was not live on the net yet. But today I got a comment from someone, so was surprised that they could see my blog.

    So, should I continue to try to set up FireFTP or should I leave it alone? I can see why I did not set it up before, I am completely lost, being a novice at this technical stuff.

  35. Gravatar prisca

    quite a few of us had a few glitches happen over time. Sometimes it’s the Firefox version, sometimes the plugin version ~ usually solvable ;)
    Have you tried uninstalling the plugin, then restarting Firefox & reinstalling it again? ~ sounds like it’s a cached setting somewhere, or just a glitch in the app/plugin which might be solved be a fresh install?

  36. Gravatar Gail

    Suddenly having trouble after 2 yrs w/ ftp. Unable to connect. Getting error message stating “username ok, need password”

    I’ve tried deleting user and pass and re-entering several times through the edit account tab. Still won’t connect.

    Ideas for what to try next?

  37. Gravatar prisca

    I’ve not found any issues with FireFTP in the changing and evolving versions of Firefox. Admittedly it was confusing when the access to the add-on was changed – but once you know – it’s easy to find.

    I’m on the latest version of Firefox – just checked again, just to make sure and it’s all working just fine?

  38. Gravatar Bill Paladino

    The ‘explosion’ of FireFox versions (many are Chrome-like and even MS has played copycat) seems to have made Fire FTP incompatible with Firefox.

    Could someone post the versions of Firefox that work
    with FireFTP?



  39. Gravatar Web dizajn

    Great stuff, i have learned quite a lot. Thanks!

  40. Gravatar prisca

    I’m not quite sure what you are asking here ~ FireFTP is merely an extension which allows you to access a remote server. You will need to have hosting and the login details in order to make use of it.

    the right hand side is greyed out until you connect to your server. Once you have setup a new account and connected to the server directory – you will see the file listing as well as the URL.

  41. Gravatar Brian Core

    Why is my right hand side on ftp grayed out—- no url address is showing ?

  42. Gravatar kent

    Do you know if I can use fireftp as a host for an absolute address to link images for an email send? If so where would the address be located?

  43. Gravatar prisca

    sorry, I don’t know why the plugin does not work for you – I’ve used it in v7 as well as in v8 now ~ still works fine for me.
    Are you sure you don’t have a clash of extensions somehow?

  44. Gravatar Faraz

    I am referring to the FireFTP plug-in, which worked to v6.0. Has the plug-in been updated for the latest versions yet? Mozilla have a habit lately of releasing new versions of their broswer regardless of backwards compatibility, which might cause me to leave them and switch to Google Chrome instead.

  45. Gravatar Faraz

    Can anyone please tell me how to get it working on the latest Firefox versions as since I upgraded to v7.0 the plug-in just doesn’t work no matter what I try to do.

  46. Gravatar Prisca

    Tom, glad you’re sorted – thanks for the update ;)

  47. Gravatar Tom

    Never mind, I closed and reopened Firefox and now it is working fine.

  48. Gravatar Tom

    Whenever I try to upload or download a file I get a 425 error, error opening socket.

  49. Gravatar prisca

    sorry, not quite sure what is going wrong there ~ are you uploading your images within a folder?
    Uploading the individual pages will not automatically upload any other files – you will need to upload these yourself, by either uploading the entire folder – or the individual images into the correct remote directory.

    You should try to keep your original folder structure in place, sounds as if the file path to the image has changed?

  50. Gravatar Roscoe

    Great program, things are working great. I just have one question, how do I upload images? Text is uploading great but my images on my web page do not upload with it (on site there is just the image place holder with an “x” in the box) It’s probably something simple, but i just can’t figure it out!!

  51. Gravatar david l jhonson

    Thank you so much! It is quite a feat to write so readably without taking any previous knowledge on the user’s side for granted.

  52. Gravatar Iain

    Thank you Prisca
    So simple
    Worked 1st time

  53. Gravatar prisca

    Noel, I would double-check your server settings ~ or failing that contact the technical support of your hosting company. This sounds like a server setting to me ;)

  54. Gravatar Noel

    Hi, can anyone advise how to extract from the server directory. I tried all means but can’t seem to make it unzip my zipped folder. Strangely, it has a Extract function for the local directory but this function is disabled at the server directory. Help!

  55. Gravatar prisca

    sorry – I am not quite sure about what it is you are trying to do here, not sure what you mean when you say “copy the URL using my FTP login however”.
    Sounds like you are merely getting your file path wrong. If you managed to upload a working project – then you should be able to see it just fine. All I suggest is to double check the file path to the directory where yo uploaded your files to.
    Sorry I can’t be of more help…

  56. Gravatar lyndsey

    I’ve uploaded a project/slideshow onto FTP and tried veiwing it on the web but it keeps saying it can’t be found. When I copy the URL using my FTP login however, it will then open but it won’t when I try to copy it with HTTP. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I’ve tried redoing the whole thing and reuploaded the project but nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?

  57. Gravatar prisca

    glad you like FireFTP – but I’m not the person who developed it ~ I merely wrote this tutorial :) Mime Čuvalo is the one who created it ;)

    Sorry – I’m not sure what you are trying to do with the dates here…
    Are you referring to the way the dates are displayed when viewing your file list in FireFTP ? ~ in that case, I think that FireFTp merely implements your system preferences for date formatting (just assuming here).
    So it might be worth checking the date settings for your system :)

  58. Gravatar Heron

    Hello, I´m a DBM Sr. Analyst in Brazil, congratulations to plug-in fireftp, it´s fantastic.
    I need a help about date format, on column date show this format:
    Jun 18 14:30
    May 20 2011
    May 20 2010

    I need other date format on local and remote
    2011-06-18 14:30
    2011-05-20 10:00

    or some format include day/month/year and time.

    can you help me

    tks a lot Heron

  59. Gravatar prisca

    Kenny :)
    thanks for you comment and I’m really glad you like this addon – but I’m not the person who developed it ~ I merely wrote this tutorial :)
    Mime Čuvalo is the one who created it ;)

  60. Gravatar kenny

    many thanks i give you for developing this apps. I usually use it for uploading new themes for my blog. You can make it better by giving it a new fresh layout, like iPhone or Android interface must be nice :)

  61. Gravatar prisca

    Friedhelm, check on the main project page (http://fireftp.mozdev.org/) and you should find some contact details ;)

  62. Gravatar Friedhelm

    how to contact him?

  63. Gravatar prisca

    Mike, sorry to hear about your troubles and that none of my suggestions work… I don’t know what else I can say….
    please bear in mind that I am not the developer here – I merely wrote this tutorial… you might want to check the site and its support section? Maybe someone there can help?

    Friedhelm, sorry ~ no idea… best to ask the developer, I reckon ;) this is not something I can help you with, I’m afraid…

  64. Gravatar Friedhelm

    looks great and better: works with an embedded ftp-Server standard ff doesn’t like.
    Question: is ist possible to youse FireFTP methods from javascript without having the FireFTP gui?

  65. Gravatar MIke Hyde

    I disabled all addon as you suggested, uninstalled Fire FTP and the reinstalled, but with same problem. gives error code 421 after 900 seconds

  66. Gravatar MIke Hyde

    The error code is 421

  67. Gravatar MIke Hyde

    It just keepps saying working at the bottom right on Mac, but eventually times out.
    Very Frustrating

  68. Gravatar prisca

    Mike, this might have something to do with the version of FireFox perhaps?
    Have you tried installing an older version and checking if that works?

    Or perhaps you’ve got a clash of add-ons? Try disabling all – and only leaving ForeFTP enabled and see if that works?

    Sorry, just a few thoughts – I would have no idea how to fix it otherwise….

  69. Gravatar MIke Hyde

    I have intsalled Fire FTP on my new Makbook pro, but when I use Fire FTP to connect to my website, I get an error message after I try to connect, saying no new data after 900 secs.
    It connects to the root directory ie /, but can not get to the other files off the root.
    Works perfectly on my PC, and I am sure it did work on the Macbook book Pro, but for some reason it has stopped working.
    Please Can you help?

  70. Gravatar prisca

    Hello people – sorry about the delay in replying, busy times…

    google slap, thanks for letting me know about the images, double checked and it’s all ok – can’t replicate the problem, tested in different place, different machines etc… all fine, hmm…..
    About Drupal – yes, it is a strong platform but this site is built with WordPress :)

    Lajos, not sure why you don’t get a new account button. Only thing I can suggest to uninstall and re-install and see if that works…

    Roger, yes, FireFox4 is catching us all out ;)
    you can now find the options for the tools under the FireFox tab itself: see screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/QYL63VEX
    hope this helps :)

  71. Gravatar Roger

    Hi – this add-on worked fine in Firefox 3.6 and now on the new browser I cannot find a way to launch it!!!

    I went to the website and downloaded again. After following the instructions to restart Firefox – the tool has still disappeared!

    so this ides – “you will see the extension added to your top menu > Tools > FireFTP”
    Does NOT work, because there is now top menu > tools item for me to look into!!!

  72. Gravatar Lajos

    I wanted to use fireftp as so many times in the past… but neither I can connect (list of connections empty), nor there is a new accoung button…

    Is it maybe because of firefox4 which I don’t use yet?

  73. Gravatar google slap

    Right now it appears like Drupal is the best blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

  74. Gravatar google slap

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

  75. Gravatar prisca

    Hello, sorry, busy days…

    Eloi, sorry – I don’t know what is going wrong there – your local directories should not bring up permission issues…

    Birgita, I’ve had some issues with Firefox myself – might be your internet connection but if nothing has changed there – it could merely be Firefox. Maybe you should try a different FTP app and see if that works ok?

    Brian, sorry – I don’t know of any way to sync. Might be possible by now though – but I can’t tell you how, sorry.

    Rich, not sure if I understand correctly what is going wrong for you. But when you say ‘next to the tool’ it sounds like you’re expecting the FireFTP icon to appear in your toolbar – it doesn’t. You will need to access it via the top menu > tools.
    Cyberduck should allow you to drag your files from the finder into your remote directory.

    Elyse, seems like the Firefox you’re using at school might have been updated and changed. Have you checked the tools/addons? You might also want to check whether you can change the preferences for your start page – as well as re-install FireFTP perhaps?

    Hope this helps :)

  76. Gravatar Elyse Moore

    I downloaded Firefox, and then FireFTP as an add-on. I have been using FireFTP at my school to FTP files to my newly created website.

    Now when I open Firefox — I only get a page with a Bing search engine — the Firefox page that used to load is no longer there — there is no toolbar with a tools option that shows FireFTP, as it used to.

    I cannot work on my website without access to this FTP site. Please help.

    Elyse Moore

  77. Gravatar Rich Jurney

    Hello: When I hit the “allow” button and restart, the FTP does not appear next to the tools. It is not there. I used mifiles (Simdata) before and never had a proble. I cannot get any FTP program to work or do not understand how to send my changes to the host server. I tried cyberduck and there is no place to see my files to send over. The same with fire-zilla. How can I find a program that I can work without having a degree in programming. I developed 450 web pages and now cannot work with them. Rich 404-323-0902

  78. Gravatar kenny

    Thx for the recommendation. I’ve installed and using it now. It’s pretty easy to uploading data to my server now.

  79. Gravatar Brian

    Does anyone know if there is a way to sync FireFTP settings (accounts and passwords especially) between different computers?

  80. Gravatar Birgita

    Hi, I’ve been using fireFTP for 2 years, but now i get this error ‘Unable to make a connection. Please try again.’
    The error is the same when i try to connect to other server, do you know how to solve it? I’ll really thank you for your help.

    I have thought that this is because of the internet connection, i’ve contacted the internet provider, but seems they do not understand what I mean. Is it possible that the problem is in the internet connection?


  81. Gravatar eloi

    Hi all !!

    I’ve tried FireFTP under MAC OSX 10.6.4 and FireFox 3.6.12 and i’m facing a problem …

    Whatever directory i select as Local directory i got a message saying :

    “You do not have the appropriate permissions or directory does not exist.”

    I’m quite new in OSX , maybe i’m missing something ? Could anybody tell me how to solve this ?

    Thanks a lot x x x

  82. Gravatar prisca

    Daniel, sorry – I do think your comments are unfair. FireFTP is a Firefox addon which has the functionality of an FTP client and most people are finding it very easy to use.
    Yes, it does require the first step of installation – but once that is done – it is as easy to use as any other.

    If you are finding my instructions too confusing, I am sorry. For more details and other tutorials – check the main page for FireFTP here:
    or another tutorial: http://en.flossmanuals.net/Firefox/FireFtp

  83. Gravatar Daniel

    I’ve read the directions and I am completely stumped. The FTP program I was able to use with my ISP service on IE6 only took 3 steps and I could then upload, download or delete website files with ease. This program almost requires a PHD in computerese to use it.

  84. Gravatar prisca

    hey guys, sorry – been busy and didn’t get a chance to reply in a while…

    Cavendish, not sure what was going on there – but it seems the first details were wrong, somehow – hope you’re all sorted now?

    Dean – glad you managed to get it all working ;)

  85. Gravatar Dean22

    Thanks for reading my post… the problem is fixed. I needed to change the folder name on the server to img (It previously read “images”) So now the server can find the images.

    Thanks for having this great site!

  86. Gravatar Dean22

    I just uploaded a new website and everything appears to be uploaded correctly, but when I look at the website the images are not displayed. I mean none! The website is functional… all links work etc. but no images at all. I uploaded this just the way i did my last one and it worked that time. Any thoughts?

  87. Gravatar Cavendish

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now working well. Due to change of Web address?

  88. Gravatar Cavendish

    Probably due to both firefox and windows firewall. Anyhow web address now changed.

  89. Gravatar Cavendish

    Fire seems unable to recognise the site. Other ftps do. I have noticed that whilst connecting it shows
    /http:/myweb.tiscali.co.uk/bulwark and not what it should show
    I have rekeyed but to no avail.Pity.

  90. Gravatar prisca

    sorry to hear that….
    As I mentioned before, I am not the person who created the FireFTP plugin, simply wrote this tutorial – so there’s nothing I can do to help, sorry.

  91. Gravatar Yatish

    Fireftp is not compatible with Firefox 3.6, I am stuck now because i have all presets in fireftp.

  92. Gravatar prisca

    Dean, sorry, not quite sure about this one – best place to look for further details will be the main site of the addon: http://fireftp.mozdev.org/help.html
    Hope this helps :)

  93. Gravatar Dean

    FireFTP works fine on some sites, on others, it only works if I disable the Windows Firewall (XP SP3). On a Windows 7 machine at work, it works fine on all sites. Any idea on finding out what ports need to be opened for FireFTP to work on all sites?

  94. Gravatar prisca

    Didok, looks like your details might be wrong?
    Not sure what this 500 error is about, could have something to do with your server settings rather than the FTP?
    Hope you can solve it :)

  95. Gravatar didok

    I tried several times step by step to connect but shows me errors such as 530 Login authentication failed
    Unable to make a connection. Please try again.
    500 This security scheme is not implemented
    How can I fix it I want to upload photos

  96. Gravatar James

    i don’t know..
    but for some reason that day,
    i can’t download and browse files using ftp,

    just started ftp today and so far downloading works fine

  97. Gravatar prisca

    have you tried refreshing the file listing?
    If something does not look right on the server side – it might be worth refreshing the listing (little curved arrow icon on top of your remote directory) or even disconnecting and reconnecting to get the most recent list of files.
    Hope that helps :)

  98. Gravatar James

    hi i’m trying to download a file from a site called o2mania.com
    i manage to connect through ftp via changing character encoding and changing passive to active mode

    yes on the first try it was success i don’t know what i did but i saw ALL the music file that can be downloaded in the right side

    but now for some reason i can see nothing in the right side but it says i am logged in..

    ps i’m new to ftp

  99. Gravatar anton

    check that, I ran a test file, works fine! thanks either way, sooo easy to use :)

  100. Gravatar anton

    Hi! FTP is working well..I think. Which brings me to my question…I can see progress on the queue progress bar however when the file is uploaded I cant find out where it is uploaded to. There aren’t any files in my server folder, did I miss something? or do something wrong?

  101. Gravatar prisca

    hello people, sorry about not getting back to you sooner, busy days…

    Calliope – sorry, I don’t see anything familiar looking at your log, no ideas of what could be going wrong there… sorry…

    CST, if you need to change any content – you should download the file (keep a spare backup copy in case something goes wrong) – then make your changes and upload it, overwriting the old version.
    As you are mentioning formatting – it sounds to me as if you’re not quite sure about how the styling of the site was done. If this is the case, I’d suggest to talk to the site owner or ideally the previous webdesigner first and check. Otherwise, look at the coding carefully and work within the existing HTML, making sure not to change any structural elements such as DIVs etc… hope this helps :)

    Margi, not quite sure what kind of information you are after here. Sounds to me as if you are very new to this – and in that case – I would suggest to learn handcoding for HTML. Once you know how to code a site yourself – the linking will be easy :)

  102. Gravatar Margi

    I’m confused about how to change the links on my website when I change the file it is supposed to direct to. I also can’t figure out how to change the basic information on my homepage. I’m very ignorant about the whole FTP site and I really need some help! Any information would be GREATLY appreciated :-)


  103. Gravatar CST

    Newbie here…I’ve read thru the comments and the question I have doesnt seem to be on here. I’m working with a pre-existing site, not a new. I’ve already got fireftp working, password and all set & ready to go. My prob is I’m not sure how to make changes to the existing docs. For instance, I need to go in and make some changes on existing home page, etc. How do I add to to existing pages without interfering with previous formatting? Do I save everything on html editor and upload? Do I still need to keep a copy of the new file that has been uploaded to remote server for it to work?

  104. Gravatar Calliope

    you seem to be using Mac OS there, and ever since on a mac os I am not able to connect (I connect and then disconnect immediately, or connect and see no files under main folder:httpdocs) to any of my websites via fire FTP,but no problem whatsoever with cyberduck. but I like fire FTP

    and here is the result for the terminal port 21 test:

    Calliope-Muse:~ calliope8muse$ netstat -an | grep 21
    tcp4 0 0 ESTABLISHED
    tcp4 0 0 CLOSE_WAIT
    tcp4 0 0 CLOSE_WAIT
    tcp4 0 0 *.1021 *.* LISTEN
    udp4 0 0 *.56521 *.*
    udp4 0 0 *.*
    udp6 0 0 *.65210 *.*
    udp4 0 0 *.65210 *.*
    udp6 0 0 *.52163 *.*
    udp4 0 0 *.52163 *.*
    udp4 0 0 *.*

    So…any suggestions for me please?

  105. Gravatar prisca

    Ray, not really an expert at interpreting the logs…, looks like your password might be wrong as the login authentication failed..?
    Sorry, no other clever ideas…

  106. Gravatar Ray

    Tried this for the first time but can’t connect. Here is the log. It seems that the User and password are not the problem? Am I correct based on he log file? Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks.

    220———- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS]
    220-You are user number 3 of 50 allowed.
    220-Local time is now 06:47. Server port: 21.
    220-IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server.
    220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    USER xxxxxxxx
    331 User xxxxxxxx OK.
    Password required
    PASS (password not shown)
    530 Login authentication failed
    Unable to make a connection. Please try again.

  107. Gravatar prisca

    Thanks, Marek. There does seem to be an issue with Win7 ~ what a pain. Sorry I couldn’t help more…

  108. Gravatar Marek

    I guess it is it (security setting on Windows 7). Meantime I can edit my HTML pages directly on website server so it is not too big deal. I was rather curious about it why it worked for me under Win Vista and doesn’t work when I upgrade to Win7. Anyway thank you for your help prisca.

  109. Gravatar prisca

    Sorry, Marek, what a shame you can’t get this to work.. wish I had a solution for you…
    All I can tell you is that recently a student of mine had a similar issue – a new PC with Windows7, the security settings and antivirus software stopped FireFTP from being installed, even via standalone installer. not sure if he solved it yet… If I hear of any solution – I will post it here.

  110. Gravatar Marek

    Unfortunately, still doesn’t work. Actually, I had only one add-on FireFTP. I have upgraded it to 1.0.8 ver. and there is no change. No FireFTP is listed in Menu –> Tools.

  111. Gravatar prisca

    Marek, hmmm… sorry to hear you’re still having trouble… well, you might have a clash between addons? Not sure how many you are using. Might be worth trying to disable them all and then only enable FireFTP. If that works – you can enable the rest of them one by one & you might find the culprit. Just an idea…
    Hope this helps :)

  112. Gravatar Marek

    Prisca thank you so much for advice but unfortunately still doesn’t work after re-starting FireFox. I can see FireFTP listed under Tools–>Add-Ons–>Extensions but not under Tools menu.

  113. Gravatar prisca

    Marek, you will need to restart FireFox for any new add-ons you install, not just FireFTP :) So refreshing will not be enough. As for the freezing, no idea what that could be. Hope by now you’re all set and everything is back working again :)

    Bob – sorry, I don’t know if there is one…

  114. Gravatar Bob

    What is the command for files listing? I’d like the listing to go to a text file so I can download it. Thanks.

  115. Gravatar Marek

    I have a problem. Can some one help me to resolve it.
    I have installed Firefox 3.6.3 browser (Windows 7 OS) when I installed Fire FTP 1.0.7 (following above steps) and refreshing browser Fire FTP option doesn’t appear in Menu –> Tools.
    In addition when I click on Ad-ons–> Extension “Option” button it freeze entire window.

  116. Gravatar prisca

    Russ ~ very glad you like FireFTP – but I am not the one who created it – Mime Čuvalo deserves all the credit ;)
    I merely write this tutorial.

  117. Gravatar Russ

    Wow! Easy to set up and run. Thanks for putting together such an intuitive application. Now to get down to a bit of site creation. Many Thanks

  118. Gravatar Peter Bronke

    Great job!!!!!!!

  119. Gravatar prisca

    Marty, what a nightmare… I sympathise…. I’ve recently had some similar issues with my server – but in my case it had nothing to do with the FTP, but rather some insecure scripts for forms.
    I’ve always used the default settings for FireFTP and never had an issue like yours pop up – don’t think your hosts are being very helpful there.

    I would not think that your way of using FireFTP is to blame here – but if you think it is – have you tried connecting via SFTP instead? The secure connection here might safeguard you from future attacks… hopefully, anyway :)

  120. Gravatar Marty Karr

    I’ve been using FireFTP with success for a number of years now for both of my websites and have found it to be an excellent tool for updating my website files. However, I recently experienced a problem whereby my website was apparently hacked and tagged by Google as suspicious. Needless to say, this was an absolute nightmare and one I really don’t want to experience again. In attempting to figure out how this happened, the only thing I can come up with is that my connection security setting for FireFTP has been set to ‘None’, the default setting I believe, for all this time. If I am correct, with my security setting set to ‘None’ this doesn’t encrypt my password thereby making it relatively easy for a hacker to see it and make changes to my website files. To make matters worse, I’ve since corresponded with my iHost provider and they informed me that their server supports none of these settings. This was already apparent in that I can only connect using FireFTP with the security setting set to ‘None’. So my iHost provider tells me to look for another FTP software. What an answer, especially since I have been with these people for the past 5-years. Anyone else like to comment regarding this subject matter, please be my guest. Having used other FTP clients, i.e., FireZilla, before using FireFTP, changing FTP software is not an option.

  121. Gravatar prisca

    cj claudio, this just sounds like a typo in your password perhaps? This would be case-sensitive.

  122. Gravatar cj claudio

    I’ve been following your set up. Thanks! I’m not an expert at this, so bear with me:
    my username/login is accepted, the ftp is fine, but my password isn’t accepted. any idea what could be the issue and how i can fix it?

  123. Gravatar prisca

    Shelby, you will need your FTP details for this. The login details here have nothing to do with your computer or your control panel with your host. The details are the ones which your hosting company will give you to access your server space.
    hope this explains :)

  124. Gravatar Shelby

    I am trying to connect with FireFTP…what log-in information do i use? what i log in to my computer? what i log in to get to go-daddy? I’m not sure what to enter.

  125. Gravatar prisca

    Lily, can’t see what’s going wrong there…. I’m not an expert on reading error logs, sorry.

    Shan – you should see a delete option in the contextual menu. Though you could just try the keyboard shortcut here, just select your file/s and hit the ‘del’ key.
    hope this helps :)

  126. Gravatar Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

    I have to add that I am using this for my self hosted WP blog.

  127. Gravatar Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

    Hi I am having a weird problem. When I go into fireftp, I do not have an option to delete anything. I right click in the folder, but nothing happens. No pop up box. Nothing.

    Any idea how to fix it?

  128. Gravatar Lily

    I’ve got another problem here. I can log in but FireFtp remains attempting to reconnect. Here is part of the log:
    220 (vsFTPd 2.0.4)
    USER aaa
    331 Please specify the password.
    PASS (password not shown)
    230 Login successful.
    CWD /
    250 Directory successfully changed.
    TYPE A
    200 Switching to ASCII mode.
    PORT |2|fe80::25d1:f20:cfd5:fd17%11|51957|
    220 (vsFTPd 2.0.4)
    USER aaa
    331 Please specify the password.
    PASS (password not shown)
    230 Login successful.
    CWD /
    250 Directory successfully changed.
    TYPE A
    200 Switching to ASCII mode.
    PORT |2|fe80::25d1:f20:cfd5:fd17%11|51959|
    220 (vsFTPd 2.0.4)
    USER aaa
    331 Please specify the password.
    PASS (password not shown)
    230 Login successful.
    CWD /
    250 Directory successfully changed.
    TYPE A
    200 Switching to ASCII mode.
    PORT |2|fe80::25d1:f20:cfd5:fd17%11|51961|
    220 (vsFTPd 2.0.4)
    USER aaa
    331 Please specify the password.
    PASS (password not shown)
    230 Login successful.
    CWD /
    250 Directory successfully changed.
    TYPE A
    200 Switching to ASCII mode.
    PORT |2|fe80::25d1:f20:cfd5:fd17%11|51963|

    and again and again …
    In the meantime, nothing appears on remote window.

    Thankx for your comments

  129. Gravatar prisca

    hello everyone :)

    Loraine, sorry – I don’t know much about the ezine setup so I can’t help.

    Gausin, that’s very odd, setting the option to show hidden files is all you need. Works fine for me – and I would not know what else could be interfering, sorry.

  130. Gravatar Gosain

    I can not see .htaccess file even after enabling ‘Show Hidden Files’ option under Tool->Options

    Any idea how can i see files who have period sign (‘.’) infront of them?


  131. Gravatar Loraine M. Sist

    Hiya………help LOL

    I have an ezine on my site that requires folders for each month. Well I have no idea how these folders are done. I have one left for the April issue and I see that there is also an image in there as well.

    Can you advise me on how to create other ezine folders to hold my pages each month?

    Thanks so much……………..

  132. Gravatar prisca

    Angela, you should not really need the FTP in front of your domain name for this part – I would suggest to try it without, might just solve your problem :)

    Stephen, sorry – I’m not sure about connecting to an archive. I’d only use FireFTP for up/downloading my sites off my server. I would expect something might have changed in their setup? Sorry I can’t help further.

  133. Gravatar stephen

    Hello prisca-
    I have used FireFTP before to connect to the internet archive and download Grateful Dead music, some time ago.
    Today I cannot connect. The host I am trying to connect to is:
    and In the past I was able to logon as anonymous.
    I have tried Create an account and QuickConnect. Same results.
    Please help.

  134. Gravatar Angela

    I keep getting “530 login authentication failed” my password is correct. I put ftp. in front of my domain name – is this correct?

  135. Gravatar prisca

    deb, sorry – I don’t know… sorry I can’t be of help here.

  136. Gravatar deb

    what does the following error message mean:
    Failed to save ‘C:Green_Gym_Part2-iPhone.m4v’ locally.
    451 Transfer aborted. Broken pipe
    : /GreenGym_Video_Presentation/Green_Gym_Part2-iPhone.m4v

  137. Gravatar prisca

    gasparschott, I’ve never wanted to use it as local file manager myself, sorry…
    And I cannot find the ‘local mode’ option either…

    Sorry I can’t be of help here – and just to explain: I’m merely the person who wrote this tutorial – the addon as well as the FAQ page are by Mime Čuvalo, see links at the top, first paragraph.

  138. Gravatar gasparschott

    The faq page says that fireFTP can be used as a local file manager. The instructions say to go to Tools->Options->Interface->Layout->Local Mode, but when I do, there is no option for “Local Mode” visible. Is this a Windows-only feature, or was the option dropped at some point? (Either, way, I suppose the faq page needs to be updated.) I’m using both OSX 10.4 and 10.6, with FF 3.5.8.


  139. Gravatar prisca

    Len :)
    and thank you for replying :) ~ I don’t always get a reply to my answers and it’s nice to know my time is appreciated.
    Just wish I could have helped more…

  140. Gravatar Len

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Appreciate it.

  141. Gravatar prisca

    sorry, not sure what is going on there… I’m not an expert at interpreting the logs, I’m afraid… could it be that it’s a temporary problem due to the version of browser you are using?
    I’ve noticed in the past that occasionally an update to FireFox caused problems, more like glitches with certain addons. Usually the next update would fix it.

  142. Gravatar Len

    Used to be able to connect. But recently I have had trouble. Keep getting the following message. Any ideas?

    DEBUG: ({account:”Jump”, host:”filesftp.xosn.com”, port:”21″, login:”hofstra”, password:””, anonymous:false, security:””, pasvmode:true, ipmode:false, treesync:false, localdir:””, remotedir:””, webhost:””, prefix:””, downloadcasemode:0, uploadcasemode:0, encoding:”UTF-8″, notes:””, timezone:0, folder:””, privatekey:””})
    DEBUG: gConcurrent:1, gMaxCon:10, gRefreshMode:true, gTempPasvMode:true, gLoadUrl:false, fileMode:1, hiddenMode:false, keepAliveMode:true, networkTimeout:30, proxyHost:, proxyPort:0, proxyType:, activePortMode:false, activeLow:1, activeHigh:65535, reconnectMode:true, sessionsMode:false, timestampsMode:false, useCompression:true, integrityMode:true, userAgent:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100115 Firefox/3.6 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    220———- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ———-
    220-You are user number 3 of 205 allowed.
    220-Local time is now 04:17. Server port: 21.
    220-This is a private system – No anonymous login
    220 You will be disconnected after 3 minutes of inactivity.
    USER hofstra
    331 User hofstra OK. Password required
    PASS (password not shown)
    530 Login authentication failed
    Unable to make a connection. Please try again.

  143. Gravatar prisca

    not sure what’s going wrong there… sounds strange. Have you tried going via the addons.mozilla.org site?
    Migth work by going directly through firefox? Good luck :)

  144. Gravatar Andy

    After downloading FireFTP I get a message at the top of the window saying the download has been blocked. I click on the Autoriser button (I’m in France), but when I restart Firefox FireFTP has not been installed, it doesn’t appear in my Tools menu.
    Can u help?

  145. Gravatar prisca

    not sure about automatic disconnection, sorry… Not as far as I know – but you might want to ask Mime himself :)

  146. Gravatar Stewart

    Sorry – I didn’t make myself clear. What I should have written was – Is there a a way to have FireFTP “Automatically” disconnect from a server after an upload is completed. Some of my uploads take hours, and I don’t want to have to do it manually.

    Sorry for the confusion

    – Stewart

  147. Gravatar prisca

    the very same link which allows you to connect is the way :)
    Once you have connected – this link (top left within the window, right next to the account menu) will then turn into the ‘disconnect’ link.

  148. Gravatar Stewart

    Is there a way to have FireFTP disconnect from a server after all files have been uploaded?
    Thanks, Stewart

  149. Gravatar prisca

    Mark, I think Dave has just answered your question perfectly ;) when you use the details your web host gave you – it does sound like you are using an FTP function via the browser, ie a control panel. FireFTP allows you to connect directly, therefore the details will be slightly differently, as Dave explained.

    Thanks for helping out here, Dave :) much appreciated :)

  150. Gravatar David Dade

    Mark – Sounds like your instructions might be for a Web-page-based access facility in a Hosting ‘control panel’. Instead you need to connect directly to the FTP server that hosts your site. Have you tried just ftphost.com in the Host: field and username@ftphost.com in the Login: field and your password in the Password: field?

    On my domain hosting, the ‘ftphost.com’ item you mention is just my full domain name, and the password is the specific FTP password that’s set up in the hosting control panel for FTP access.


  151. Gravatar Mark

    Hi, My web host asks that I connected to the FTP server using usernam@ftphost.com. This works fine using the browser, only asking me for a password when I click into a directory (eg /public).
    I don’t appear to be able to onfigure FireFTP to do the same. I’ve tried adding username@ to the host address (Account manager/Main tab), but it looks like it get ignored. If I place the credentials into the correct fields in the main tab(login/password), and try to connect, I get ‘Unable to make…’
    Any help appreciated.

  152. Gravatar prisca

    Rob, sorry, I am not an expert on streaming, that’s a whole science in itself. Can’t be of any help here, I’m afraid…

  153. Gravatar Rob

    I am trying to upload steaming video http information to my website to make it easier for browsers to open and play my videos. how and where do i add the necessary code to the head and body of the xhtml?

  154. Gravatar prisca

    just 2 links regarding your questions, hope they’ll be useful:
    FTP explained: http://slacksite.com/other/ftp.html
    SFTP explained: http://www.34sp.com/blog/official-news/ftp-security-explained/

    Generally the settings in place for FireFTP are fine for most uses so don’t worry too much ~ and have fun uploading ;)

  155. Gravatar Cori

    Thanks for this detailed tutorial. I’m very much a newbie. On my drop down, it says “create an account” and the Account Manager window pops up. On the second tab “connection”, the default is “passive”, where is this used for? Also on “security” it says “none” and the other selections for SSL. Does it mean I don’t have security in my connection? Should I get SSL for this? Sorry for these newbie questions? How do I find out if I got the latest FTP version?

  156. Gravatar prisca

    Gene, sorry – I cannot help you there…
    All I can say is that you will really need to learn a lot about this area as it’s very specialised. I know I have huge respect for the tech support I get from my host – would be lost without them.
    good luck with your plans :)

  157. Gravatar Gene

    I would really like to be able to host. How do I go about that?

  158. Gravatar prisca

    Barbara :) thanks for reporting back ~ glad you found a solution — yes, 800 file permissions to change manually would have been the stuff of nightmares — so thanks for sharing your findings ;)

  159. Gravatar Barbara

    There’s nothing on the fireftp.mozdev.org/help.html site, but I finally figured out how to do it. I use Windows 7 so that might be the reason for the problem I encountered. This problem may come up for someone else so this is what I had to do:

    Right click on folder and select “Permissions (incl contents)”; then select “All Contained Files”; then wait patiently until log says “Transfer complete”.

    It really isn’t difficult to “wait patiently” when the alternative is to change the permission individually on over 800 files!!

    I really like FireFTP and didn’t want to have to try and find an alternative. Now I don’t.

  160. Gravatar prisca

    David ~ excellent ;) useful to know for everyone, I’m sure ;)

  161. Gravatar David Dade

    Eeek! My Apologies! I’ve just found the “site” function I wanted – it’s already there in Tools, called Custom Command! It works! FireFTP Rules! It’s Amazing! Thank you!

  162. Gravatar prisca

    Sorry, Barbara, not sure why this is happening…
    You might want to check Mime’s pages for possible other queries: http://fireftp.mozdev.org/help.html

    David ~ about your suggestion, you’d need to get in touch with Mime for this. I merely wrote the tutorial above, and am now still answering questions as best as I can. But the FireFTP plugin itself was written by Mime Čuvalo (see link at the beginning of the post).

  163. Gravatar David Dade

    With my “old” discarded FTP client (W*_FTP) there was an option to send a “Site” command. I sometimes connect to a server that requires a special command string to perform a particular site-specific action. As far as I can tell, this function is not present in FireFTP. Would the authors consider adding that function to a later version?

  164. Gravatar Barbara

    That’s exactly what I’ve tried to do, but when I go back and check none of them have changed. Yet, when I do them one at a time, the permission I’ve given holds.

  165. Gravatar prisca

    Carl :)
    glad you managed to work out your problem ~ now happy FTP-ing ;)

    you should be able to set them all together, after selecting all required files – try the right-click drop down menu for ‘properties’. You should get a new window and be able to set your permissions right there.
    Good luck.

  166. Gravatar Barbara

    I need to change the permissions on the files after I upload them. I should be able to select all of them that are in a folder and change the permissions for all those files but for some reason I have to do them one at a time. This is insane since I just uploaded over 800 files!

    Is there some setting that I need to change in order to do them together?


  167. Gravatar Carl

    Sorry for bothering you about my troubles. I’ve figured out what was wrong with the problematic account. When I set it up, I followed the instructions I was provided by my ISP saying I should disable passive mode. When I set up my other account, I forgot to do this – which is why it worked. So, I enabled the passive mode box for the account that wasn’t working and … now it works.

  168. Gravatar Carl

    In addition to what I posted above, I have another new, originally empty web site on the same server (frontier.com) which I have been able to access with no problem. I connected, the empty, remote public_html folder was displayed, I selected a local file to upload, clicked on the right arrow button and the file immediately uploaded.

    As best I can tell, I have everything for both of these sites set up in FireFTP exactly the same way except for the login username and password which, of course, need to be different. And, yes, I am using the correct name and password for the site that is giving me the “Unable to make a data connection” error message. It is giving me the initial connection to the site, just not the data connection.

  169. Gravatar Carl

    After clicking on “Connect” I seem to be getting a connection to my new, empty web site – the empty public_html folder is displayed. Then I get a message “Unable to make a data connection. Please try again.” and can do nothing more beyond that. If I select a local file and click on the right arrow button, nothing happens.

    Mac, OS10.3.11, Firefox 3.5.6, FireFTP 1.0.7

  170. Gravatar David Dade

    Just discovered FireFTP – Brilliant! On the Firefox tab where FireFTP is loaded, the rotating “loading” symbol is permanently rotating. Is this the same for everyone else and intentional, or does it indicate a problem?

  171. Gravatar Ely

    First of all, excuse me for my poor English, please.
    You should know that all the hundreds and hundreds of people every day seeking information on the operation of FTP.
    I would like to make a suggestion, you would create a printeble booklet, in PDF for example, with the whole process no at step-by-step, but at “half-step-by-half-step”, and a lot of illustration to place and extract files from FTP.
    Your tip looks very good, but for us that are completely blind in the matter,more information would be helpful.
    Yhank you very much,
    E. Tavora
    Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

  172. Gravatar prisca

    anytime ;)
    and sorry I couldn’t help….

  173. Gravatar Stacy

    Oh, well. Thanks for the quick reply!

  174. Gravatar prisca


    not sure about this one, to be honest… don’t think you can – at least I don’t know of a way to control speed within FireFTP at all… sorry…

  175. Gravatar Stacy

    I sure appreciate all the great info.

    My question is, is there any way to restrict the upload speed with Fireftp? My VOIP phone system gets very garbled when I’m uploading from Fireftp, but not with my torrent client which restricts upload speed.


  176. Gravatar prisca

    Jean :) not to worry – happens to all of us at one time or another ;)
    Glad you’ve got it all working now ;)

  177. Gravatar jean

    My most humble and profound excuses !!!!

    One of the login detail was wrong in spite of the fact that I have checked and re-checked them more than once.

    Thank you.


  178. Gravatar prisca

    Sorry, Jean – not sure what is going wrong there. It sounds as if your login details are wrong….
    The ‘account name’ can be anything you wish – this is merely the name FireFTP gives your new account when you create and save it. So this should not make any difference at all to your connection. Essentially you will need to have the 3 details correctly entered:
    1- host

    Also, maybe check that under ‘connection’ you have the ‘passive mode’ box checked….
    good luck :)

  179. Gravatar jean

    Thanks Prisca.
    I understand from the screenshot that “AcountName” and “Host” should be the same ?
    I have tried that and tried to connect after which an “Enter Login Information” box opens asking me for Login & Password. I enter these elements but get an error message saying : 530 Login authentication failed”

  180. Gravatar prisca

    here is a quick annotated screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/K1Ci7PWg

    The port is usually set to 21 by default so you do not need to worry about this one.

    Hope this helps :)

  181. Gravatar jean

    hallo there !

    I have just downloaded FireFtp and installed it.
    Although the interface is neat clear and simple, as well as the help menu, still I am experiencing some problems in trying to connect to FTP.

    My web server has supplied me (on my request) with the following four elements:

    FTP Username
    FTP Server
    FTP Server Port: 21

    Could somedy please tell me how should I use these elements in the “Account Manager>Main” window of FireFtp which requires 4 fields besides the Port number in the “Connection” Tab.

    Very gratefull for your assistance


  182. Gravatar Martyn

    Hallo prisca
    thank you for your pleasant reply
    I do hope you find some time soon because its getting a bit urgent.
    Thanking you in advance

  183. Gravatar prisca

    you need to set up the advanced settings for the account – you can view the files via right-click > View on the web

  184. Gravatar Greg

    Hi, after uploading images I can see the file name and a little logo type image. Can I view the images I have uploaded without opening the file?

  185. Gravatar prisca

    hey people,
    sorry if I’ve been slow in responding, busy days…

    Andrija, sorry, thought it was on there… couldn’t see it myself either…

    Martyn, I hope you received my email – will try to get back to you about your questions as soon as I can find the time – rather answer you properly than rush it…:)

    Norm, thanks for taking time to comment – glad I could help :)

  186. Gravatar Norm

    Thanks a lot, Prisca.

    I am new to Blogging,
    new to Thesis,
    and new to FireFTP.

    Thanks to your clear instructions, I uploaded Thesis to my server easily.

    Best of Luck for your continued success,
    YogaNorman.com slyoga.com

  187. Gravatar Martyn

    Hallo prisca
    to start off with I am a beginner but I can still see that you are doing a terrific job with this blog.
    I am hoping you may be able to answer 1 or 3 questions for me.
    I have almost finished building my website but have no idea about ftp etc etc, all I know is I need a server to put my webside on the internet.
    I have been using firefox for many years so this ftp programm is interesting for me.
    Question 1: which server do I need,(see question 3) or which one should I use(see question 3) or does the ftp programm decide that for me and if so does this cost anything?
    Q2 is it an easy programm to use?
    Q3 does it make any difference if my site is in german cos thats where I live?
    Q4 can I update my site later over the same programm and server(or must I, or should I )if necessary?
    Q5 Last one, is there anything else I should eventually know?
    Thanking you very much in advance, keep up the good work, it is highly appreciated.

  188. Gravatar Andrija

    I already searched through all help files, but did not find the answer.
    I wanted to contact author directly, but I did not see anywere on his site the contact info.

  189. Gravatar cathy

    Yes I have and forgot all about them.
    Thanks for the reminder. :)

  190. Gravatar prisca

    in order to transfer files over from one machine to the other via FTP you would still need to have web hosting which you would use to store the file. You can transfer the file onto you server space – then with the other computer connect to the same server space and retrieve the file.
    However, this might be too long winded a process. Have you heard of DropBox? — you might find this one easier to use, for much more than just transferring the 1 file :)
    Have a look and give it a try: http://getdropbox.com

  191. Gravatar cathy


    I’m new to FTP and I was curious to know how I might be able to transfer large files from 1 of my laptops over to the other.

    Please keep it simple.

    Thanks and kind regards.

  192. Gravatar prisca

    sorry, not sure about this one… I don’t think you can change this but don’t take my word for it. I’m only the person who wrote this tutorial, not the FireFTP creator…
    Sorry, I can’t help you there – you might want to get in touch with Mime directly, or check the help files: http://fireftp.mozdev.org/help.html

  193. Gravatar Andrija

    Hi, is there a way for local files to be on the right side, and server on the left?
    Everything else is great, but I’m used to this, please help!

  194. Gravatar prisca

    Olaf, my pleasure :)

  195. Gravatar Olaf

    Hi prisca!

    Many thanks


  196. Gravatar prisca

    Ok, let me try to explain :)

    FireFTP as addon for FireFox acts like a program inside a program, allowing you to upload files to a server. This and additional server functions are its sole purpose.
    You will not be able to use it to open up a file itself, but only use it to move files from one directory into another.

    If you are thinking of torrents, they are a different matter – and I can not help you there, sorry. I’m sure if you research the words ‘P2P’ and ‘torrent’ you will find a lot of info, good luck ;)

  197. Gravatar prisca

    sorry I can’t help with this one… FTP is not a file format. So I am not sure what this file is you’re trying to open or which application you would need.

  198. Gravatar lost

    ok how do i add that in the hosting and where do i get user name and password

  199. Gravatar lost

    grrrr not really i just need to open this file and dont know how

  200. Gravatar prisca

    Hi lost,
    seems you’re not quite clear on the terms used here.
    Quick sum up:
    FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol, the protocol for exchanging files over the Internet. As for hosting – this is the server where the files for your website are stored.
    Hope this explains a little :)

  201. Gravatar lost

    i need to open a ftp file and read about this add on for fire fox so i added it now im lost what is a hosting

  202. Gravatar prisca


    to connect via SFTP – you will need to edit the settings in the account manager. With your chosen account – click on ‘edit’, then select ‘connection’. You will see the options in there (see screenshot).
    Once you have set your options – you will be ready to connect.
    Hope this helps :)

  203. Gravatar Olaf


    Can I useing the SFTP Connection with FireFTP on a PC with Vista?
    What must I do, that I became a connection to e SFTP Server?

    Thanks for your help

  204. Gravatar prisca

    Mona, you can create new directories on either your local or remote root folder. Right-click and you can choose the option from the contextual menu.
    You can also, of course, simply upload a new folder into your chosen directory on the server.

  205. Gravatar Mona

    what happens if u click on the directory and it says no found… can u recreate it?

  206. Gravatar prisca


    not sure what is going on there – the right click should bring up a menu with the ‘rename’ option… Have you tried holding CTRL + click instead of a right click onto the directory?

    The keyboard shortcut for renaming a folder is F2 ~ might work?

    good luck ;)

  207. Gravatar John

    I find I can’t rename or remove a folder even if I disconnect/reconnect. I get no context menu when I right click. It works on files, just not folders. Am I missing something?


  208. Gravatar prisca

    Thanks, Jacob :) nice to know :)

    Marie-Noelle, sorry, this is the only version there is and I do not know French…
    About the site map – if you view your site on your remote server via FireFTP you will see the directory view. You will see your folder and the file paths. But there is no function that will generate a site map for you.
    Sorry I can’t be of more help…

  209. Gravatar Marie-Noelle

    sorry, I feel lost for my first day !
    would it exist an a French version by any chance ? :)
    wher and how to setle the language (not send me to banylon please!)
    and is there the possibility to see the site map with the images on the html pages ?
    thanks fot your help.

  210. Gravatar Jacob

    Very well presented tutorial. Thank you!

  211. Gravatar prisca

    make sure that you are selecting the correct folder in your server’s directory before you upload. Sounds to me as if you either failed to upload the new files – or they ended up in the wrong directory somehow.
    You might want to disconnect and then reconnect again to double check your files on the server. – hope this helps :)

  212. Gravatar Troy

    My files on the right are empty how do I reinstal them. All it does is makes a new directory and my server still connects to the old file

  213. Gravatar prisca

    Fran — about your domain name, well, you should know this one as you would have been the one purchasing the domain? If not – you need to ask your client for details.
    I’m not quite sure what you mean when you write “download server”, sorry…

  214. Gravatar fran

    hey.. how do i know what’s my domain name? how do i check? if it means entering the computer ip add of the comp i wanna send the files.. then i did it but they say unable to make connection.. 1 last thing, do i have to download the server? please help me asap.. thanks a lot..

  215. Gravatar prisca

    sorry, not quite sure what this link is for – though it does look like a direct FTP link. To use FireFTP you would not need this link, instead you’d use the FTP functions directly. The details you’d need to put in are the FTP details, the username and the password.
    Once you created a new connection – you will then see all online directories.
    Hope this helps?

  216. Gravatar Marcia

    I’m confused by what I’m supposed to enter to connect to a client’s web site. They send me a link that includes host, login, and password info within it. Also file info, because it’s a link to a specific file on the site.
    I can’t figure out what to enter so I can connect. Any tips? The link looks like this (but I’ve changed it to protect my client):

  217. Gravatar prisca

    David, not as far as I know… I know you can sync but as far as I can tell – there is no way to actually duplicate an existing directory on the server.

  218. Gravatar David

    Quick question, can directories on the server be copied using FireFTP

  219. Gravatar Installing Wordpress via FTP | Unlock The Online World

    […] Installing WordPress with FTP can be quite difficult, especially for new bloggers. Read on for a step by step guide on installing WordPress via FTP. Make sure you have a FTP software ready, for this guide, I will be using FireFTP. For information on how to configure an account using FireFTP, please refer to “Priscas FireFTP Beginners Guide.” […]

  220. Gravatar prisca

    Stewart, sorry, I am not sure what could be going wrong there…. I don’t know what you mean when you say you ‘look online’?
    If you have direct FTP access and using a different FTP app to do this – might be worth trying to delete your folder from there? If you are looking via the browser, accessing the pages you thought you deleted – could it be they are still cached?
    For any problems with your server – I would suggest to contact tech support who should be able to help you :)

    Apple, sorry – no idea…. I assume you’re on the latest Firefox as well as the latest version of FireFTP?
    Maybe try an uninstall and re-install of FireFTP?

    good luck!

  221. Gravatar Apple

    I have been using FireFTp since 2006 but just this september, I’m having a problem connecting to it..
    There’s always a message that says It will connect within 40 seconds and then after connecting, it will disconnect right away..
    I dont know what seems to be the problem..
    Can somebody give me an idea..thanx a lot!

  222. Gravatar Stewart

    Hi I also have a question about deleting files.

    I’ve been trying to delete an images folder on my server, which i thought id done successfully as it can nolonger be seen in my fireftp window. Yet when i look online it still there, where am i going wrong. Do i need to adjust a setting somewhere.

    Also ive noticed my server wont allow me to update webpages. I can only create new html pages with a new name. It seems the overwrite function isnt working. Any suggestions?


  223. Gravatar prisca

    Jerry – excellent ;) glad it worked :)
    happy FTP-ing ;-)

  224. Gravatar Jerry Mann

    Hi prisca,

    Thanks for the help. It was the site folder I wanted to get rid of and your 2nd suggestion was the way to go… pretty obvious now that I’ve done it! : ]

  225. Gravatar prisca

    sorry – not sure what you are trying to do exactly – but if you are trying to delete a root directory folder then be careful :) There should really be no need to delete the main root directory.
    If you are trying to delete a site folder you have uploaded – try going back a few levels and get the folder you’d like to delete into the right hand side column in the server directory window.
    hope this helps :)

  226. Gravatar Jerry Mann


    I have a question about deleting files. In the Server Directory window, I have right-clicked on the list of files on the right-hand side and been able to delete those, but I cannot delete the root folder (on the left side in the Server Directory window) that the deleted files belonged to.

    Thank you!

  227. Gravatar Bryn

    I have just aquired an EEE 701 PC after 15 years of using RiscOS.
    No experience with Linux etc. But I am used to a very easy and
    intuitive FTP program.

    I found FireFTP in the Firefox addons so thought I would have a go.

    Filled in what i thought would be the correct details, pressed connect
    and hey presto, my (private) web pages appeared. without any problems.

    A quick test saw me swapping both files and complete directories
    both ways at the first attempt.

    What an excellent programme. Many thanks to the author.

    My only problem is that as a newcomer to Linux, there is too much detailed information on screen, (File Trees) compared with the clean screens I’m used to. Ah well, no doubt i will learn to love it ! :))

  228. Gravatar prisca

    what you are referring to is less of an FTP issue – burt rather an overall site setup aspect.
    You can of course set up a password protected area for your clients and direct them to a specific page for their downloads. You can do this by using a password-protected directory on your server – or use a login script (usually done in PHP) to allow only logged in user to access specific pages.
    Hope this gives you some idea of how to proceed :-) good luck.

  229. Gravatar Tom Conklin

    Hi folks… I am an FTP newbie and I have a question. Is it possible to allow my clients to go to a specific web page on my site and obtain their files after logging in with a user name and password? And, how would I go about doing that?

  230. Gravatar prisca

    Mike…. don’t think you’re more than average dense – it does look like something is not working correctly. You will need to create a new account – and that seems to go wrong.
    I am sorry but I do not have any answers here – I would try temporarily disabling all security/firewall/etc and try again. Then, of course, turning them all back on again – one by one – might give you an idea of what’s causing you these headaches.
    Sorry I can’t be of more help – good luck ;)

  231. Gravatar mike

    I must be more than average dense. Have not been able to get FFTP to work with either the 09x version on FF2, or the 1.x version on FF3.

    The 1.x/FF3 version shows the discussed ‘create account’ in the list box. However, clicking it has no apparent effect on anything.

    The 0.9/FF2 version NEVER displays ‘creat account’ but starts out ‘select account’ (or somesuch).

    This is on two seperate XPP/2 computers – same results.

    NoScript is (of course) running on all the browsers – but it does not seem to be blocking anything.

    I also use the ThreatFire malicious software blocking tool – but it also does not show that it is blocking anything.

    One computer is using ZA, the other Norton firewall – again, with no messages from these apps to suggest they are intercepting FFTP

    ? Any thoughts, anyone else with similar problems ??

  232. Gravatar prisca

    Sorry, David and Frisnit, I am not sure about your questions here… Never had the need for this myself – you might want to ask Mime himself about this :)

  233. Gravatar frisnit

    Once I’ve started to transfer a file, I can no longer navigate in the external site e.g. to add another file to the transfer queue from another directory. Is there a way for FireFTP to use more than one connection so this works (different from the concurrent transfers which I still need to be 1), as this does work in other FTP programs I have used?

  234. Gravatar David

    Is there a way to open multiple sites and ftp between them or is one side stuck to local access only?

    Very nice addon BTW ;)

  235. Gravatar prisca

    I am not sure what is going wrong – but it sounds to me as if you might have uploaded your files into the wrong directory somehow? – When creating your FTP account in FireFTP – you do not need the ‘http://’ – simply your domain name (you can prefix that with the ‘ftp’ optionally). This might have confused things on your server.
    Double-check your host directory and check the file dates to see whether you have replaced your old existing files with your new updates files now. If the date is still the old one – your upload must have gone into a different folder on your server.
    (You should then try to locate where the newly uploaded files are – and either move or delete them and then upload the files again).

    Before you try another upload – please have another read through point 4 of the tutorial above. This is the vital step! You will need to make sure that your files are in the correct folder, mirroring your new update on your computer exactly – with the index page accessible directly.
    I hope this helps a little – good luck :-)

    PS: also, don’t forget that your browser has your site still cached, ie kept the page views in its memory. So you will need to clear cache and history – maybe even restart your browser as well – and then load the page again to see your changes take effect.

  236. Gravatar Nancy Rae

    I have tried + tried to update my site – have uploaded them twice now + also get the NOOPS thing – not a clue what that is – sctually just want it to work – I DID update the site before,but haven’t done it in quite a few months + forgot how i did it – so I made a new folder on my desktop filled with the new website files + uploaded them, twice, with http://ftp... but the changes do NOT show when i access the site via google search. Was there something i was supposed to do after it stopped working? and should i click on the write over button – cuz i tweaked most of the site in iWeb, and there could be little things in any of it. I am so frustrated + really NEED to get this accomplished! HELP! PLEASE

  237. Gravatar prisca

    not sure why you don’t see the external files, sorry. Did you try refreshing the remote directory after upload?

  238. Gravatar Hans

    I succeed in transferring the necessary files to the upload side. When i connect the connection appears to be there, at the bottom line i get NOOP’s, however i don’t get to see the external server files. What am i doing wrong?
    Please help?

  239. Gravatar neo

    My very first time. I’ve not yet tried it but i’ve got a hitch, it will be just great to use it.
    Thank You

  240. Gravatar prisca

    not sure what’s going on there – maybe try:
    — double-check that you have set the correct folder in your account settings?
    — try downloading to the desktop via the arrow button?
    — delete the account and create a new one.

    hope this might help… :)

  241. Gravatar charliehanna

    When I try to transfer a page from the right hand side to the left, I receive the following notice: “Failed to save ‘/Network/index.html’ locally”. This occurs even after I try to save the page two different ways on the File, pull-down menu. As a result, I’m not able to transfer the page from my web site that I want to edit.
    Any suggestions?

    Charlie H.

  242. Gravatar prisca

    Oliver, sorry, I don’t know… had a look to see if I might stumble across something useful – but no luck.
    I’m not really the best person to ask – only like FireFTP myself and also use it with my webstudents, so I’m happy to help but not a technical expert ;-)

    So for anything very specific you’d be better off asking Mime himself – he’s happy to help as he mentioned above:
    NOTE! If you have questions/concerns feel free to send me an email (mimecuvalo AT gmail DOT com)

  243. Gravatar Oliver

    Thanks prisca for your quick answer. However, this I already know and use and find very useful.

    I’m looking more for a shortcut on my bookmarks toolbar or desktop that would open FireFTP and log with user name and password… Is it possible?


  244. Gravatar prisca

    happy to help – glad that works :)

  245. Gravatar BeeJay

    Copy and Paste from the log window did the trick.

    Many thanks


  246. Gravatar prisca


    when you first set up your FTP details you are creating a new account for this specific connection. Once you have done this, as described in step 2 above, you have already saved the shortcut to your FTP connection.
    see this screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/dwRAYaqPON9

    Hope this explains what I meant? – Good luck :-)

  247. Gravatar Oliver

    Hi, you say we can save an ftp connection as a shortcut, but it does not seem to work for me… Can you give me a few hints on this please?


  248. Gravatar prisca

    Have a look at this screenshot here: http://screencast.com/t/6jpWXIdfG3r
    Can you see the log in your window? – I think you should be able to simply copy and paste the info from the lower panel into a text file yourself. Whether you can export the log or not – I am not sure, sorry.

  249. Gravatar BeeJay

    Is there any way that I can capture the log file for a FTP session and keep it as a text file?

    I am having problems with permissions and my ISP keeps asking for details of the messages etc. received from the server.

    Many thanks

  250. Gravatar prisca

    sorry, not sure about this one… it might have something to do with your server?
    I never had any problems with setting permissions – so I’m sorry but I can’t help you there…

  251. Gravatar trtaurus

    I am not able to change the permission settings, it always gives me the error message: “command not understood”. Any suggestions!? Thanks!

  252. Gravatar prisca

    Jim, sorry – I’m not quite sure why you are experience such oddities.
    If you want to check your folder permissions – simply right-click your folder in the remote directory and choose ‘properties’ from the submenu.

  253. Gravatar Jim

    Am using fireftp for clients to download files from behind my site. Have uploaded files ok but no one can access the folder behind the site, getting message ‘Directory Listing Denied. This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.’ What am I doing wrong?

  254. Gravatar prisca

    ah, I see what you mean, sorry, misunderstood you earlier.
    I just tried this myself – and it’s not working for me either. Sorry, I can’t help you there – you might want to get in touch with Mime directly, or check the help files: http://fireftp.mozdev.org/help.html
    There is note to the correct file path for this option – might help?

  255. Gravatar nkomo

    I am using the built in “open with” command in FireFTP to launch a dedicated Mac application. Say, using BBEdit to edit a .html file. BBEdit would lauch, but the file doesn’t open in the application.

  256. Gravatar prisca


    I’m not sure why you want to open any file with FireFTP?

    It is an addon to Firefox which serves 1 purpose alone – to up-/download files from your server to your local machine and vice versa (as well as perform some additional tasks such as setting permissions, for example).

  257. Gravatar nkomo

    Very neat program. On the Mac, when I use “Open With” to open a file, the application I select launches but the file isn’t opened. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  258. Gravatar prisca


    I am not sure why you would want to use FireFTP for that?
    Just accessing your drive as you normally would – you can use copy&paste for the file transfer quite easily :-)
    Hope this answers your question.

  259. Gravatar lorie

    dear all, is Cut and Paste command supported? meaning to transfer a file in the ftp to my local drive (vice versa) using the cut n paste command. is it possible?

    thank you very much! :)

  260. Gravatar prisca

    you should be able to do so if you have networked your PCs ;)
    But bear in mind there might be other easier options to do a simple file transfer. Using the FTP program for this would require a server running, as far as I understand.
    Good luck :)

  261. Gravatar Philipp

    hey, can I use fireFTP to transfer files from PC to PC?

  262. Gravatar Thomas

    Just installed FireFTP. It is so easy to use it is a little frightening. :).

  263. Gravatar Davidonzo

    Is there a way to format an url in order to open a specific ftp site? Something like chrome://fireftp/content/fireftp.xul?something_pointing_to_my_ftp_site …

  264. Gravatar Peng Li

    HI Guys,
    Does this have an option of “ignor pasv ip” like Gftp or SmartFTP has?


  265. Gravatar Claude Almansi

    Thank you so much! It is quite a feat to write so readably without taking any previous knowledge on the user’s side for granted.

  266. Gravatar Yoka

    Thank you for this wonderful program. I use it to upload and keep current my personal website using a free hosting site with our provider.

    I am finding that your program is quite easy to use and I like the time out feature for security sake. I read about the orphanage that you support, so nice. God bless you.


  267. Gravatar prisca

    Mus, the only thing I can think of is that your login details are incorrect…!?

    apart from that – I’m not sure what else would be causing this error… if you’re stuck – take Mime up on his offer and email him directly – he might be able to shed more light on your problem ;)

    good luck :)

  268. Gravatar mus

    I followed your instruction but i keep receiving this error msg:
    “Unable to make a connection. Please try again.”
    I’ve been dying to try this FireFTP. Somebody PLEASE HELP ME:(

  269. Gravatar prisca

    Thanks, Mime ;)
    your comments are much appreciated :)

  270. Gravatar Mime Cuvalo

    To answer some questions you guys have been asking: (and thanks for Prisca for answering to her best abilities so far!)

    > Is there any way to make an audible tone to signal completion of file transfer?
    Not yet. I’m planning it for a future release.

    >What is the Change button on the remote side of the screen do?
    If you enter a remote address manually into the address bar on the remote side, you click “Change” to change to that directory when you finish typing. (or you can just hit enter).

    >Any chance that hashing might be added to work on the remote files?
    Not anytime soon. If FTP servers would provide the feature it sure would make checking integrity of uploads/downloads a hell of a lot easier though :-/

    >how do i make a ftp website ? i just want to dl something off my other comp.
    You can’t connect to another computer (like a peer-to-peer program) without the computer having an FTP server on it. If it does, you’ll have to configure your router and firewalls to handle the server. You should ask your sys-admin for some help setting that up.

    NOTE! If you have questions/concerns feel free to send me an email (mimecuvalo AT gmail DOT com). It’ll make Prisca’s life a little easier :)

  271. Gravatar john

    hey, i have the server, how do i make a ftp website ? or get one that i can connect to cause i’ve been tryn to get this working and haven’t been able to i’ve tried so many things i just want to dl something off my other comp. but i can’t network so i was tryn to upload it and dl but it won’t work am i missing something ?

  272. Gravatar prisca

    excellent ; ) glad I could help : )

  273. Gravatar Gregory King

    Disconnecting and reconnecting worked for me! Thanks

  274. Gravatar prisca

    David, about that “change” button – I’m not sure – mine does the same as yours: nothing…. you might find some answers in the support files from Mime Čuvalo: http://fireftp.mozdev.org/help.html

    Greg, about the deleting of files – right-clicking works for me, dropping down a menu with several options… Though completely reliable with files, occasionally I have found glitches when trying to delete an entire folder – but after disconncting and reconnecting it usually worked.
    To quote Mime Čuvalo:
    How do I rename a file/make a directory/delete files?
    These things can all be found if you right-click on the file lists. A context menu will appear showing the available functions you have, along with related keyboard shortcuts. A toolbar for these features will be added in a future version.

  275. Gravatar Gregory King

    I really like this product. I can’t figure out how to delete a file on the server though. Any ideas? Right clicking produces nothing. I can use the website that the ISP provides, but I’d like FireFTP do do that for me.


  276. Gravatar David

    FireFTP is a great addon to Firefox. It is much better than other FTP programs I have used. What is the Change button on the remote side of the screen do? It is in the same place as the Browse button on the local side of the screen. When I press the Change button nothing seems to happen – the Browse buttons works as expected. Also, generating hashes only seems to work on the local files. Any chance that it might be added to work on the remote files?

  277. Gravatar prisca

    Dmytro, don’t think that’s possible… But you can save the connection as shortcut. This is a very handy feature, espcially when you’re dealing with a few different sites regularly.

    For more details on program – please see the original site http://fireftp.mozdev.org/

  278. Gravatar Dmytro Doblevych

    Is there any way to autoconnect to my FTP site when I start?

  279. Gravatar Scott

    Is there any way to make an audible tone to signal completion of file transfer?

    (As you know, WS_FTP has audible cues for connection established, connection failed, transfer complete. That’s a really nice feature.)

  280. Gravatar prisca

    Scott… to answer your question: not as far as I know… There are no feedback options in the preferences. Might become a feature in a newer release…? :)

  281. Gravatar Wen

    I have to say something in here as at moment I am so happy with my upgraded web design skill, just benefited from Prisca’s article and Mime Cuvalo’s page, really want to everyone share this JOY. Keeping reading Prisca’s Eyedeas, keep us laughing:-)